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August 12, 2017 18:08

Noise at home - to live not forbid quietly


sounds should be noted that silence is not only a moral but also a physiological need of man.In that case, if the audio level exceeds 40 dB, then the person has uncomfortable.

If the noise level is equal to or exceeds the mark of 85 dB, it becomes dangerous for human health!

Generally, all sounds can be divided into two main types:

  • Air.To those noises are the sounds of the electrical work, passing near your housing transport, as well as music and voice of man.
  • Percussion.For this type include the stamping of people, as well as the sound of falling objects.

only solution, if you interfere with normal rest - sound frame house.And to make it it is necessary not only for walls, and floor and ceiling, of course, if you have a home in a few floors.

Materials for suppressing noise in the house

Modern building materials market offers a huge number of products for noise reduction from the outside inside.The most popular for sound insulation work is polyethylene, which is pre-foame

d.It is usually used only wealthy homeowners, since the prices of such material "bite".However, this product differs is harmless to human health and the lack of appearance of household allergic reactions, even in direct contact with the material.

If we talk about the most cost soundproofing materials, by those include:

  • tape soundproof lining;
  • sound-absorbing path;
  • Sound-absorbing plate of mineral wool or fiberglass;
  • Various sealants;
  • Vibropodvesy;
  • vibration-damping material in rolls.

Noise walls

When you understand the materials used can be determined so as to make home sound insulation of the walls?First, you need to check all surfaces for detection of cracks, holes and other defects.All of them are carefully closed up.As I mentioned earlier, as a sound absorber can use one of the above materials.In addition, you will need to plasterboard and metal profiles.

Note that the Profile in any case can not be fixed to the wall, as they will pass through the noise!

Fasteners must be made to the ceiling and floor, after placing them under the rubber gasket.Plus, between the profile and the wall is necessary to leave a gap of a few millimeters to further fill it with sound-absorbing material.

After that, between the profiles carefully stacked mineral wool or other material, which will play the role of Squelch.To do everything qualitatively, it must be ensured that the styling was the most dense and did not leave voids through which the sound is great to get inside the house and will bring your efforts to zero.When this point is passed, you can safely proceed to the installation of drywall and further finishing.

ceiling and floor protection from unnecessary sounds

In the event that you have in your house has a residential second floor, you should take care zvukopodavlyayuschih properties of the ceiling.This process is not as simple as working with the walls.In order to most effectively do this work, you can use anti-vibration suspensions from the company Vibrofix , which proved to be excellent noise insulation materials on the market.

Talking about sex insulation, then in most cases resorted to "floating" screed.In other words, it is placed under a layer of mineral wool of basalt or other dense material produced after pouring the floor.This happens as follows:

  • First, the entire floor must be cleaned of debris and remove all irregularities by their concreting.
  • Further around the perimeter of the surface of the glued strip of rubber, whose thickness must not exceed by more than half a centimeter height of the alleged ties.
  • Thereafter exposed lighthouses, which will reach screed.As they can be used any improvised material from unnecessary bars before screwing screws in the floor surface.The main thing is that all the beacons were displayed strictly on the level.
  • Next tightly fit sound-insulating material, the top of which is laid reinforcing mesh of metal.
  • Produced floor filling.The only requirement is that the solution does not protrude from the surface of the beacons, which have been noted earlier, exhibited the horizontal level.
  • The final stage is the floor finish.As a good additional sound insulation material for finishing, you can choose cork floor .