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August 12, 2017 18:08

Kitchen in the living room - stylish, comfortable , rustic

When the appropriate design of a living room with a kitchen?

Clear requirements for such a design house or apartment there.You can use a similar technique and design in the small and large apartment in a house in the country and even in the dorm room.However, if it will serve as the spacious premises of indoor stylish reception, then the owners of modest living space living room with a working area, a real chance to release the coveted square footage.

When the appropriate design of a living room with kitchen

Space as if deliberately hidden in the standard Soviet apartments.Volumetric built-in closets and mezzanine, narrow corridors seem to be made to induce a feeling of closeness.Kitchen in the living room free up space, of which the majority of residents had no idea (demolished walls, the thickness of each of which can reach 10 to 50 cm, the entrance corridor to join the living room or kitchen area, mezzanine will understand).

Kitchen in the living room free up space

Pros combined living and working area

advantages such redevelopment obvious: in itself attractive idea bears a practica

l function.Details:

  • visual expansion of space due to the increase of natural light;
  • comfort: simply organized holidays, and on weekdays, many sin snacks under good movie;
  • psychological comfort: the mistress is still in the circle of family and friends, doing household chores;
  • savings: no need to buy a separate TV for the kitchen;
  • for a small family - the ability to do without the dining table with a breakfast bar;
  • for large families - an opportunity to get together at the dinner table, it is often not possible in small kitchens Khrushchev.

Advantages of combining living and working area

interior Cons studio

Plyusov clear majority, however, undertaking redevelopment, should take into account some of the unpleasant aspects:

  • in low power drawing food smells get into the living room, impregnating textiles;
  • electrical sounds smoothly penetrate into the rest room;
  • increased requirements for cleaning kitchen in the living room does not accept left "for later" unwashed cups or forgotten on the table after dinner crumbs.

However, most people changed their usual plan to combine the kitchen with living room, never regretted his decision.

Cons interior studio


design There are various ways to separate the work area from the kitchen space for recreation, which is often also the dining room:

  • levels.With sufficient ceiling height can be concisely indicate different kitchen living area floor by raising the working area na10-15 see. Under this platform convenient to hide the plumbing and electrocommunications, heated floors.
  • Flooring.The wet kitchen area decorate tiles, linoleum less, while the living room has a cozy wood floors, carpet, laminate.


  • color zoning.Significantly different, but harmonizing color kitchen and living room will help separate one from the other without walls.You can also use a simple strip of contrasting color on the wall, where there should be a partition.

    Color zoning

  • Islands.As an island using an additional table work area, sofa, facing a person in the living room, a dining table.


  • partitions.Glass, plaster, forged, carved, wooden partitions, moving along the guides from side to side, perform the function that is not available to other zoning methods - they can completely separate the kitchen from the living room, blocking the path of noise and odor, or almost entirely to combine those rooms.


  • fragments of walls.It is not necessary to demolish the wall completely - you can use a small portion left for zoning (in the case of expansion of one of the zones, you can build a small section of the wall).

    Fragments of walls

  • bar.This originally non-domestic piece of furniture is the most popular way to the kitchen-living area zoning.In addition to the aesthetic function serves as a table stand for snacks and tea parties, the continuation of the work area for young families can replace the dining table to save space.Maybe like the furniture (or a part of a continuation of kitchen units), so and interior fragment (constructed on part of the wall between rooms).

    bar counter

economical bar

It is not necessary to order the expensive ready-made model in stores.When there is a desire in your own home to have an original piece of furniture - you can do it with their own hands.

Depending on the desired result, construction work in the new living room with kitchen, can go from one day to a week.Here we consider the most simple and easy-to-performance variant.

Cost- bar

So, to build a simple cost the bar, which can replace the table for a small family or to increase the working area, you will need:

  • edged board thickness of at least 25h300 mm;
  • beams 50x100 mm;
  • angular furniture mounting;
  • screws;
  • wood putty;
  • furniture film or varnish;
  • countertop or table top board with a thickness of 40 mm;
  • pole, chain, stand for glasses or fruits - on request.

Step by Step:

  1. Draw a sketch of the future stand in view of the growth of tenants.As a rule, stand, replacing the table or continue to work surface turns 90 cm high. It should be noted that too bulky cabinet will weight the interior living room with kitchen.
  2. Making measurements and we put a mark on the wall and floor.
  3. measures and harvests the required size of the board.The most convenient way to order cut where purchased the board.
  4. of timber are building a stable frame and sheathe its boards.

    From timber erect a stable framework

  5. Traces of screws and joints shpatljujut in wood tone.
  6. With screws installed wooden worktops or special fasteners - stone, plastic, etc. With
  7. furniture parts to the wall mounted one edge of the shelf above the bar..On the other end of the chain is placed, pole, or other functional and decorative elements for the fixing of the province.

    For wall mounted one edge of the shelves

    On the other end of the chain is placed

  8. Bottom shelf is attached to the holder for glasses - two pieces of wood 10x10 or 10x20 mm, fixed at a short distance from the flange bolts so that between them held a glass leg, and his foot was held behind bars.

    Fasten the holder for glasses

    The wooden surface is treated with several layers of lacquer

  9. All wood surfaces are treated with multiple layers of smooth lacquer.Tumba-base can be pasted furniture film.The bar is ready!

Before starting the implementation of the redevelopment of apartments, it is necessary to obtain special permission from the BTI.This is not just a formality, but a real safety tenants.