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August 12, 2017 18:08

The modern design of a small living room - well thought-out in every detail

Design project of a small living room - in case every centimeter

only with careful preparation, you can develop a good modern design of a small living room.You have no margin for error.More specifically, it is, but its price is too high.For this reason, a detailed design project of the interior of the premises.It will consider all, primarily ratio.It is one thing - living room- "foam" to be done visually, not only spacious, but more square.The specialized magazines are increasing photos of rooms with competent advice on their transformation.Another question is, if there is a bay window (a rarity for a small living room, but still), or in the presence of a lot of angles formed by the projecting part of the wall.Will be reflected in the project design:

  • color scheme;
  • registration window;
  • pieces of furniture;
  • decor and t. D.

As a result, you will see on paper or a computer monitor picture of how it will look your room after the repair.

In the absence of a small living room design ideas or artist

ic taste of professional trust.Find a competent designer who will take into account all your wishes and will develop the project, whether it is a room in a five-storey apartment or building, not so difficult.Prefer for one reason or another to act independently?Then the limit to up the room, which can be performed in color.

  1. by conventional roulette measure every corner of his living room and transfer on paper the values ​​(on a smaller scale).Get the contour of the room.
  2. Determine the dimensions of the furniture for it, and then "Set your" them on paper until you find the best option.Choose only the most necessary!

Layout - this is not a design project, but if you have a small area of ​​the room, and he has served.

Light and color in a modern design, a small living room

small room just need to make a visually more spacious.Trusted aides-cheaters in this - the light and the right kind of colors.


The first rule of any designer: the rooms are light, so it appears larger.Usually in small rooms is there is only one window, what should be used to the maximum.

Competent design living in a small apartment does not include any heavy, dense and too dark curtains, festooned with decorations!Perfect alternative to become a beautiful and airy tulle.If this option is not for you, choose a curtain made of light fabric, in harmony with the color of the flooring, furniture or other textiles.современный-дизайн-маленькой-гостиной-продуманность-в-каждой-детали-1

Remember that during the day they have to serve a framed window, filling the room with natural light.Another option would be more succinct vertical fabric blinds or roman shades.Using them convenient to adjust the intensity of light, if necessary.

Your goal - to make maximum use of sunlight daily for the visual correction of floor space, but in the dark, this role moves to sources of artificial lighting.Here there are some nuances:

  • better to abandon the ceiling chandeliers.Replace it with built-in lights.If the ceiling height does not allow suspension and tensioning design, choose a chandelier, but the most "pressed" him.
  • Avoid floor lamps, occupying precious space.The alternative should be a closet lights, TV, shelves.Acceptable mount small lamps on a wall in a recreation area.современный-дизайн-маленькой-гостиной-продуманность-в-каждой-детали-2


even more visually expand the space allows the correct color scheme.For the design of small size living room ideal light palette.It is soft sand, beige, light green, light blue, light gray color that are perfectly in harmony with natural wood furniture.To enliven the interior, you can use bright accents - decorative pillows, a small mat, vase on the table picture.


Colors of the walls is very important.Designers give the following advice:

  • If the window overlooking the sunny side, you allow yourself to finish the walls in cool shades of blue, green, yellow and even purple.
  • With a lack of light is better to be guided by the warmer tones such as orange.
  • Another solution to this situation would be a combination of several colors in front of the window wall should be lighter than the rest.It will also enable visually highlight one of the functional areas.From
  • too small ornaments in the decoration should be abandoned.

Thinking design of the room, pay attention to the floor.Even in a very small living room it should be darker than the walls, but quite bright.Leave ceiling white - it's simple, but in good light play in your favor, visually expand the boundaries of the room.

Small living - how to choose furniture for them?

small seating area suggest minimalistic and slightly austere interior.Number of furniture is reduced to a few units - sofa, table, nightstand.Ideally, if the wardrobe there is a place in the other room, and the TV can be placed on the wall with a special attachment.If not, limit a TV pedestal and compact cabinet with mirrored doors.Reflecting the light, they will make the room a little wider.The same applies to the table - let it be a glass, if it meets the requirements of style.

Availability sofa necessary and as little seating involve the maximum use of the entire area, it is better to use a corner model.In this strict prohibition on direct sofa there - it all depends on your preferences.On many websites devoted to the creation of the interior, there are entire galleries of rooms to fit well in their furniture.View a sample photo design possible.

современный-дизайн-маленькой-гостиной-продуманность-в-каждой-детали-4 современный-дизайн-маленькой-гостиной-продуманность-в-каждой-детали-5 современный-дизайн-маленькой-гостиной-продуманность-в-каждой-детали-6 современный-дизайн-маленькой-гостиной-продуманность-в-каждой-детали-7

Pieces of furniture should be as functional, but simple.We do not need decorative elements in large quantities - this beauty is appropriate in the spacious rooms, where you can appreciate.Prefer clean lines and clear geometric forms.

Thus, a little effort and due preparation will guarantee the creation of a comfortable, light and pleasant interior of the eye of even the smallest living.