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August 12, 2017 18:08

Classic interior room - a cozy heart of the house

Colours classic design

Living can be joyful and bright and intimate, cozy, dark, but in any case not allowed to use acidic bright juicy colors.This does not mean that the room should be fresh - expressiveness achieved by contrast, furniture, decor items, game textures.

The color range of classic design

naturalness - the main requirement for the color design living room.

Traditional colors classics:

  • all shades of brown (without admixture of red);
  • cream, peach;
  • olive, natural lime;
  • natural blue tones;
  • black-and-white palette.

The feeling of warmth and coziness cause, mostly warm colors (without admixture of blue tones).Deep blue or sky blue are also possible, but are chosen by designers, as a rule, in the case of the tricks in the living room of strangers.

The room should be fresh

The expressiveness is achieved through the contrast

Textured design solutions lounge

Prerequisite classics - a natural tree in all its manifestations.Solid wood furniture, flooring, wall decoration and panel - uses of wood mass.It is worth remembering that the tree is able to visually heavier interior room.In

a dark classical style it is permissible, in the light - is undesirable.

allowed to use natural stone, brick finishing.Be sure to use expensive natural fabrics and metal decor bronze, silver, gold.

in textiles favored expensive natural fabrics - velvet, silk, brocade, satin, velor.They are used in upholstery, curtain, perhaps - for the walls.

Textured design solutions lounge

Classic floor

The refined interior of the living room is unacceptable cheap simple floor covering such as laminate or linoleum.Mosaic parquet flooring or natural marble, granite will - this classic flooring, emphasizing the nobility of design.

Classic floor


Walls classic living room can be covered with cloth, paper or painted and be sure to look expensive and solemnly.Decorating does not have the right to be stridently-bright;solid restraint and dignity - these are the main features of the traditional style of wall decoration.The figure is usually quite large.This is usually vertical (less horizontal) strips, with an ornamental plant topic.Acceptable Use decorative columns or fireplace.

The walls of the living room classic

Decorating does not have the right to be stridently - bright

Ceiling Ceiling

traditional living room is undoubtedly high, it can be a part of the whole room, and become its center.In case the ceiling is the main focus of the interior will be the actual stucco (white or gold-plated) or painted abstract swirls, church theme, copying works of art.Stucco can be a fairly modest, on the perimeter and in the center, and the complex, which occupies the entire ceiling, having a story and the abundance of different elements.

The ceiling of a traditional living room

Lighting classic interior

With regard to lighting the living room, here artificially achieve naturalness undesirable.Subtle lighting, spotlights, imitation of daylight create a feeling of forgery.This classic is powered by sunlight from the windows and warm lighting, chandeliers, sconces, fireplace.

Luxury chandelier - an integral part classically decorated living room.Crystal, Venetian glass, expensive fabrics shades are combined with precious metals, scattering soft but steady light.Lamps and wall lamps are selected in the same style as the main chandelier, and placed in such a way that in a room with the lights completely was left unlit areas.

Lighting classic interior


Basic principles of classical applied to the furniture filling.It must be massive, elegant, solid, made of expensive natural materials.Usually it is solid wood, spectacular fabrics, often darkened or gilded metal.All pieces of furniture necessarily large, but leaves space.If the space in the room a little bit better to sacrifice more than a chair, but do not clutter the space.

The furnishings are necessarily large

classic décor

Decorative details are required to be large, noticeable:

  • mirrors and paintings in massive wood, bronze, silver and gold frames, or deliberately simple unpretentious design;
  • heavy curtains of the same expensive materials as furniture;tie shoelaces with brushes or teasing spectacular visible pins;
  • figurines, candlesticks and vases - a medium-sized, do not occupy the entire space, but not small, are allowed in small quantities;
  • floor can decorate the rug with a traditional pattern.

Classic decor

TV in the box: a master class

The living room is difficult to imagine without the TV.This room is the heart of the house, going to her in the evenings all family members.However, today the big screen quite similar to the classic accessories for the interior.

Make a modern plasma TV an organic part of traditional living room, you can apply small tweaks - hide his swing / sliding doors, hide behind the work of art (photos), or simply place it in the center of a deliberately simple, or, conversely, exquisitely ornate frame.Last design method is easy to implement his own, making a frame from baguette.

TV in the box : a master class

to a flat screen TV is easy to fit into the classic design of the living room, you need to take:

  • penopoleuretanovye or foam moldings with the pleasant design and the desired width;
  • line;
  • stationery knife;
  • polymer adhesive;
  • acrylic latex paint;
  • aqua enamel;
  • acrylic filler;
  • brush;
  • liquid nails or screws.

Polyurethane foam or foam moldings

Step by Step:

  • produce TV measurements.The frame can be done as well on the perimeter, and with a stock, putting the screen into focus.
  • measure off the desired length on baguette and cut at an angle of exactly 45 °.

    Measure the desired length

  • Fold frame sizing corners, leave to dry the glue.
  • basic design stained vodoemulsionkoy.On corners joints are cracks that require further processing.

    The basic design of stained vodoemulsionkoy

  • shpatlyuem all the bumps and cracks flexible spatula, sometimes even for the accuracy of the finger.
  • After drying putty paint the frame with acrylic paint the desired color at least twice in order to achieve uniformity and color depth.

After drying of the last layer of paint for the TV frame from baguette ready.The design of the foam get enough light - it withstand normal liquid nails.Polyurethane model is more reliable, but it is better to use the mounting screws.

The design of the foam can withstand conventional liquid nails

fashion designs come and go every day.Only that is really worth attention, is able to remain a favorite for centuries.Classical living room - a place where equally comfortable with family, friends, partners, and alone.