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August 12, 2017 18:08

Magnetic Drill - complex work simple means

tasks and use a magnetic drill

drill magnetic frame is specially devised to drill a great variety of holes, cut threads, working with coil and core bits, drill and countersink to do, to work in difficult conditions.Magnetic drilling machine is designed so that allow to perform work on any metal surface, without moving the structure.

It can be used in industrial production and in the field.Without it does not do the repair of large machines and construction equipment, installation or construction of steel structures.Magnetic machines are often used in engineering and shipbuilding, construction of bridges, tanks, pipelines.

Magnetic Drill - properties and characteristics

Drill on the magnet has a distinctive feature.It is equipped with an electromagnetic sole, which during operation is fixed to the work surface.The base is securely anchored to the metal plane with a force of up to five tons, which allows the use of such machines to work in any position: horizontal, vertical, inclined and even wo

rks in an inverted position, that is over your head.

The main advantage of such drills over conventional drilling machines - is its weight, which ranges from 9 kg for the lightest models of up to 25 kg at the most difficult.Thus, with such a device is easily operated, you move or transport it while working, if it will be necessary to perform the work on the facades of buildings, under bridges.

main performance for such a machine - drilling diameter.The minimum diameter of 1 mm, it is possible to make a twist drill, a drill with a crowned same can be performed relatively large diameters, the maximum - 150 mm.

Operational and design of magnetic drill

Using a drill with a core bit is preferred, because by virtue of their design, they can increase the drilling speed, perform an opening with a high surface quality, saving on consumables.In addition, it is worth noting that if the drill is equipped with an electromagnetic twist drill, the friction significantly exceeds performance when working with core bits, which leads to a gradual reduction in operational service life.

To reduce friction during operation and cooling of the work surface to create and drill bits, drilling in the area supplied cooling lubricants.By reducing friction, the liquid reduces the load on the engine that extends the smooth operation of the machine.

vast majority of manufacturers use a special structural scheme, which excludes non-scheduled start drilling installation, for example, during a power outage. Special devices greatly expand the scope of the pillars of magnetic, in particular on the non-magnetic or uneven surfaces.

vacuum plates are used to mount non-magnetic surfaces.Drill on the magnetic rack are often equipped with a transmission gear with slipping clutch, which stops the engine in case of jamming of a drill and prevents breakage of a motor and drill often expensive.