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August 12, 2017 18:08

Grind and cut off - how to work grinder ?

few basic tips on how to properly deal with Bulgarian

unlikely that you pick up unfamiliar tool before reading and understanding the instructions, so do that first of all we advise you will not.But re-read once more, how to work grinder, video tutorials on this topic see - will not be superfluous, when something missed, something did not pay attention.But, however, will continue to be plenty of useful tips, chief among them: do not proceed to the serious work, taking the instrument in hands for the first time.

first work out a day or scraps on pipes or steel sheets, as well as several concrete blocks.It is important at the same time a tool purchase equipment to buy, a minimum of safety glasses, but it is better to guard that in the event that protect the entire face. Since you are going to operate the power, remember that the use of grinders in a humid environment, and even more so under the open sky during rain or other precipitation is unacceptable .

also can not work in the vicinity of the places

where inflammable substances are stored or pass gas pipes (the smallest leak can turn into a magical spectacle of fire).Do not lift running grinders for the wire, and turn off the instrument in such a way to keep undesirable.About how well you are working grinder, video, there are many, but the theory is no less important.

How to use a grinder at home

Many acquiring angle grinders, rather complicated to handle the tool, absolutely no idea how to use the grinder, how to stand, to ensure the safety of themselves and others.Therefore, while the unit is not running, make sure that the wheels to the machine you purchased suitable and not designed for lower speed.

In other words, the nozzle diameter must match the power grinders, the larger the disc, the lower its rate of rotation.Do not buy the mills, even if the seller will claim that they are specifically for the angle grinder.Everyone knows what is needed Bulgarian - is grinding and metal cutting (concrete, stone) abrasive milling tool in the list of possibilities is not included.

When going to work grinder, place the hood is strictly between them and the disk, it will give you additional protection from splinters if the nozzle breaks.

And, by the way, about the speed.In Bulgarian it is extremely high, and therefore, should not forget the basic rules of working with grinder, that is, to get up so that no movement has not brought you out of balance and not be in the rotation of the disk plane.It is important to carefully attach or push the handle small objects, to the nozzle rotation force them not thrown in you or someone else in the vicinity.

User grinder, stated in the instructions state that should not be allowed to place of work of children and pets.Indeed, to subject someone to excess risk is not worth it, because when the disc shatters, pieces fly in a completely unpredictable paths, sometimes going beyond the plane of rotation.You will save the instrument cover and protective equipment, and others may suffer.

How to cut grinder, operating rules

tool order to cut the copper pipe and steel sheet, it is better to use a circular saw for metal, however, to keep the house a few electromechanical instruments, not everyone can afford.Abrasive wheel is also possible to cut metal, but you need to know some rules not to break the nozzle.For example, for small scale fit wheels 115-125 mm, and metal is better to cut the nozzle 1 mm thick, it will cope even with 20 mm steel sheet.

How to cut grinder, you tell any master, the next mode: 5-7 minutes of work and 30 minutes of rest be granted tool. for different types of tiles, natural stone and concrete blocks (as well as plates and other products) should use diamond blade .These tips are not cheap, so you need to know how to cut the stone grinder.Mainly to provide the nozzle durability, place cut regularly watered.

Hold the tool must be very hard, but at the same time, the brush should not be tense, or you feel if suddenly will warp the disc in the cut.And finally, another very important advice on how to properly hold grinders.In no case do not hold the tool with two handles only one of them, enough to be like this, which is calculated on the angle grinder.Foolhardiness with inappropriate tool as well as driving.