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August 12, 2017 18:08

Frame scaffoldings for the construction of a private house

Frame scaffoldings - an indispensable tool for private construction

Frame scaffoldings LSPR-200 have a rather practical design which, thanks to the absence of bolted connections, mounted in the shortest possible time.The main forest structure consists of six individual elements for the assembly of which is necessary to perform a couple of operations.Such scaffolding are the most popular and practical.

Important!Do not think that a little weight structure testifies to its weak strength, as used for the manufacture of alloys have high strength and reliability.

Scaffolding frame LSPR-200 consist of the following elements:

  • Durable flooring for movement builders;
  • diagonals and the starting frame;
  • Special rails, ensure the safety of construction workers;
  • jack.

In some cases, which depend on the characteristics of the roof structure of the building, using additional console elements.Scaffold frame may be made of two basic materials.If the house is quite low design, the applied light scaffolding fra

me type, they are made of aluminum tubes.

at a very high altitude steel structures used, coated with nickel, which prevents corrosion of the metal.These forests rack heavier and difficult to install, but provide greater rigidity and stability.

Positive aspects of building structures

Scaffolding frame ladders are a great number of positive characteristics that directly affect the popularity among the masters.Firstly, it is worth noting extreme simplicity and high speed of assembly of the assembly.Only two people can collect this item in less than 60 minutes.

Because of handrails such elements provide the maximum safety follow-up of construction work, which plays a fairly important role in the whole construction process.Do not forget about the durability of the material from which made the forest.Aluminum or galvanized steel serve a huge amount of time, without the need for special maintenance or storage.

Important!It is easy to maintenance work is a fundamental part of the demand, which has this structure.

independent production forests: Is this dangerous?

Wood ladders can have different shape stability in an assembled state.Simpler design options simply installed on the ground.Such resistance is carried out, thanks to the wide forest area.But there is a massive and expensive construction, which can not be installed on the surface of the ground, given their relatively high weight.Such structures are attached to the walls of the house with the help of special anchors that removes them from the category Extra elements.

Some builders want to save on the purchase of this item, deciding to make these woods alone.Doing this is not desirable, because the products are designed conveyor-Engineer, which is measured in detail the possible burden on this element.If you miss even one type of loads in the production forests, the structure can not withstand the weight of the builders and the material.