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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plasma welding machine - it works wonders ?

What is plasma welding?

To deal with this term, it is necessary to understand what is plasma.The ionized gas that consists of neutral atoms and electrically charged nuclei and electrons, called plasma.To date, this type of welding is considered the most high-quality and progressive.It is widely used in all areas of industry.

This method can be used for soldering, welding of refractory sheet metal thickness up to 1 mm, for welding metals with non-metals, for cutting.As used welding machine, plasma which has a very high temperature and a wide range of technological properties, this type of welding has several advantages over other technologies.

Equipment for plasma welding

Plasma welding is characterized by increased performance, greater stability of the arc, a small heat-affected zone, lower deformation during welding, reduced consumption of protective gases.Equipment for plasma welding is much smaller, which significantly increases the mobility and speed of welding.The presence of hydrogen in t

he plasma jet improves weld quality, but at the same time, highly explosive hydrogen.

Plasmatron welding nozzle has a lower share of the work due to the high thermal conductivity of the arc.This is, perhaps, all the flaws. device for plasma welding is of two kinds: arc direct and indirect. Since the plasma arc of direct action unit has a cylindrical shape and is aligned with a pillar of the jet, such devices have a high thermal capacity and temperature of the arc, as well as more efficient cooling system.

efficiency of plasmatron is much higher than that of vehicles with an arc of indirect actions by bringing in additional heat when welding by electric current.Consequently, such devices should be used for cutting, welding, surfacing, and devices with indirect arc - for heating or spraying.

modern view of the welding

conduct research on the use of low-amperage arc welding led to the emergence of micro plasma welding technology.It uses low-amperage currents, last in the pulse mode, and is used for welding thin materials. microplasma welding machine uses a tungsten electrode, which is designed for low current power, which is characterized by low heat, and no metal is burned.In this way, the sheets can be welded copper, titanium, tantalum, molybdenum, gold and even 0,03-0,8 mm thick.

This welding technology is used in nuclear power, gas, medical, electronic and other industries.Apparently, the technology and will be almost the only method of joining sheet metals over the next decades.

welding technology described at particular risk of high voltage electric shock, which can lead to muscle cramps and cardiac arrest.To avoid this, you should wear protective clothing and observe the safety rules.The welding machine must not have insulation defects.When performing welding work there is a very bright light, so you need to wear a shield to protect the eyes.