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August 12, 2017 18:08

Ladder to the house - to conquer new heights!

ladder Home - basic classification criteria

Manufacturers of tools and equipment needed in the home, offering a wide range of ladders.Unsophisticated consumer can be quite difficult to figure out what kind of ladder to the house is right for him.Make the right choice and systematize some knowledge about this form of stairs (yes, yes, is a kind of ladder stairs) will allow classification criteria available on ladders market.They are also quite a few, however, experts recommend to focus only on the core.

First, classify the ladder allows their appointment.Obviously, the ladder professional differ from products intended for household use.Most often, they are more cumbersome and functional, allowing you to even perform complex repair and construction work on large areas.Second, an important criterion for the classification of a product design.So, you can choose a ladder of some form, height, equipped with handrails, sofa, Spreads, etc.Third, select types of ladders allows their manufacturing material (al

uminum, wood, etc.).

Ladders household - choose the type of construction

So, today the most widely used products, resembling the letter "L" or "D".First Embodiment love gained in connection with consumers because it provides opportunities for exploitation.These ladders can be either one-way or two-way ascent, they are easy to move from place to place and work with a fairly large area.For maximum convenience, the manufacturers of paper a stepladder with a platform.

This area, which is, in fact, working surface, which can get you to put a bucket of paint or put the instrument is also an additional element in securing support structure.The design of the letter "L" is rather cumbersome.If you want to save space for other maneuvers, the best option would be a small step-ladder "D" -shaped.

Design "D" -shaped type is a ladder to the working platform, which rests against the wall.Of course, you can save space, but it is worth considering that about any bilateral ascent we can not go.Such household ladders have to move far more often than "L" -shaped counterparts.To solve a number of problems can help a little more modern and improved version - a ladder-transformer.

With the help of special hardware, it can be converted into "L" -shaped product, the so-called "goat" or "D" -shaped.Buying ladder-transformer, due attention should be given to transforming its elements, because of their reliability depends the safety of the construction operation.This folding ladder is extremely easy to use in a variety of conditions.

offers consumers a stepladder with rider can perform the functions of a conventional ladder, a ladder or stepladder with extension console.

Talking about the design of the staircase species, it is impossible not to focus on her steps.Of particular importance is the element in the case when the ladder is used punctually.Practice has shown that the most easy to use products with wide steps. If you do not want to conquer the ethereal heights, you is fine mini-ladder with 3-5 wide steps, which in some cases may serve as working surfaces.

distance between them, as a rule, is 20-25 cm. In addition, before you can get a choice, choose a stepladder with handrails or without.Of course, you should understand that some railings restrict freedom of action, but the operation of the product will be more secure.In this case, experts recommend look for the "golden mean" and purchase the ladder with removable railings.

ladders professional and consumer - what materials are made?

Regarding the definition of species ladders depending on the material for their manufacture, it is generally accepted to talk about products of wood and metal.Of course, to find a ladder, made entirely of wood is quite difficult.Moreover, they are not very durable, solid and rather heavy.However, if you find a wooden ladder, be sure to ensure that its surface was covered with a protective layer of varnish, and were completely absent knots.

average for the popularity is a combined version of the product, in which the supporting elements are made of metal and wood steps.

The most popular are the ladder, completely made of aluminum or duralumin.The principal difference between them is the quality of the alloy - duralumin alloy is aluminum, magnesium, copper and several other elements.Products made from these materials are light, rugged and reliable.Today, the market can find a ladder made of wood and plastic, but choosing them is the most carefully study the strength characteristics.

Types of ladders - how to choose the best?

So, you asked the question about what the ladder among the best of this variety?It should be noted that there is no single answer, because the product is chosen strictly individually, based on the preferences and the conditions in which it will be operated.However, it is possible to identify a number of requirements to be met by a good ladder.These include:

  • stability;
  • high build quality;
  • mobility;
  • safety and ease of use.

course, any ladder should be sustainable, regardless of whether you will be at some stage.The high degree of stability is caused by the accuracy of calculation of the whole structure.Do not be afraid to shop directly to check on the stability of the product.If a strong pressure on one or another stage of construction "walks", then it is better to pass him.

Very close there is a question of security and ease of use ladders. should pay attention to the product with a corrugated (anti-slip) surface levels;plastic covers, hiding the details sharp and unsafe;rubber nozzles legged ladders, increases the resistance and protecting the surface of the floor from damage. If you know in advance that you will often have to move the ladder, then choose the most mobile product.

It should not be too bulky and heavy.The optimal recognized the following ratio of the length and weight of the product: 3-3.5 kg should be its weight, 1.3-1.4 m - its approximate length.After the direct application of such a ladder easily folded and put away on the balcony or in the pantry.Buying ladder, pay attention to the quality of the attachment of all of its elements - they must not "walk".Thus, examining the types of ladders and their main features, we can safely proceed to the process of buying the desired product!