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August 12, 2017 18:08

Dryer for soldering and the strength of its hot air

Familiarity with building hairdryer

Building hair dryer can be useful where you want to change the structure of the material under the influence of hot air.He is no different from domestic dryer, except for the temperature generated by the air, which is 100-650 degrees Celsius.Simple tools usually have two temperature control stages 300 and 550 degrees.Due to achieve the desired operating temperature can only distancing or bringing it to the material.So, at a distance of 8 centimeters of air becomes colder half.

To resolve this problem, apply hair dryers, electronic temperature control.It can be used to accurately set and maintain the required temperature.The maximum fine-tuning can only provide a special sensor on the dryer nozzle.For best results, use different attachments that allow you to more effectively carry out a specific type of work.

Important!Due to the high temperatures produced by air to work with a hairdryer is only working gloves.

hot air - hot soldering

Hairdryer soldering lin

oleum, plastic, today is one of the best ways to link this material, especially dense commercial.Dryer is used together with a special nozzle, thereby forming a welding machine.The pieces of linoleum adjusted, and on-site welding is a slot for laying welding rod.The cord should be chosen from the same collection, to which belongs and linoleum.This cord is tucked into a tool that is carried out along the seam, leaving it in the groove.Cord melts and after cooling forms a strong bond.

Note!Hot welding is ideal for working with application and other artistic methods of decoration.

hot welding is only suitable for dense commercial linoleum, but for everyday it is contraindicated.The fact that the dryer produces linoleum air temperature of 300-400 degrees, which is too hot and is likely to spoil the surface, or offended by it.Therefore, the coating used for domestic cold welding, which is a special glue for PVC.The domestic work is often used tool for welding of plastic.hairdryer plastic welding ideal for brazing different types of plastic and manufacture of a variety of designs.

Tool hands craftsmen

Many DIY soldering construction hairdryer is very helpful when performing various operations.However, the price of such instruments is quite high, which makes many people think about how to make a homemade hair dryer for soldering by hand.It is done in the following way:

  • Take powerful resistor wire in a cylindrical hollow ceramic package;
  • resistor Conclusions removed and output ends of the outside Nichrome wire;
  • power cord into a heat-resistant insulation is screwed onto the ends of the Nichrome wire;

Important!It is to wind the cord as Nichrome soldering can not be.

  • resistor is mounted on a non-combustible, insulating and heat-resistant handle.There is attached and the power cord;
  • cord attached to the step-down transformer;Taken
  • metal tube 10 centimeters long and is inserted into a hole in the resistor housing.To the other end of the tube connecting the compressor hose from the aquarium.

This tool is ready.It should be tested on some details.If the skills of working with it not, should also develop his technique.Include it should be strictly in the following order: first, turn on the air supply, and only then - power.Off in reverse order.