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August 12, 2017 18:08

Dryer Technology - " warm " atmosphere at any job

What hairdryer technical, what is its feature?

The question arises: What is the technical dryer ?Its scope is exceptionally broad.The main tasks that can be solved with the help of heat gun: removing paint, welding linoleum and PVC membranes, installation shrinkable insulation, heating, melting, cutting roofing and shingles, accelerating bonding, blowing and drying of surfaces, soldering tin and silver, defrost water pipes,bending of plastic, as well as other works, which require local heating.

Inside the case is a spiral hot air gun, heats the incoming air, and a fan that blows air heated to the required temperature.The fan is driven by an electric motor.The most common fault is the instrument of non-professional level - broken power cable.Native

the cord insulation has a medium hardness and low grade copper flexible conductors.Repair Technical dryer with such a malfunction can be done on their own, setting a new power cord.The rest of the damage is likely to require intervention master, but first

you need not talk about it, and about the choice of instrument.

How to choose Technical dryer?

How to buy Technical dryer, how to choose the right model?To answer this question, we must first determine for what purpose and how often he may need.Let us consider the most important parameters on what to look for.

Each termovozduhoduvka has approximately the same structure and function.The main characteristics of Melt is the maximum temperature of the air stream and productivity, ie the amount of air supplied.

average heat gun heats the air up to 500-600 ° C and blows 300-500 liters per minute.

Temperature control - one of the most important functions of this tool because it allows you to work with a variety of materials that require its temperature.It is also a very useful option, which is equipped with not every tool is the ability to produce hair dryer cold air.

When performing precision operations capricious materials there is a possibility of overheating or "subcooling" blank.To avoid this, a technical professional hair dryer is equipped with a liquid crystal panel.Temperature control and its maintenance is electronically controlled, which, of course, does not diminish its value.

Application and technical capacity dryer

While packing for technical dryer are included for each instrument, you can buy the necessary in any hardware store, thus expanding the possibilities of his instrument.They are reasonably priced, and the range is quite wide, for example, welded nozzle is used to work with welding cables, shirokostruynaya - to remove old paint, carved - for cutting foam, focusing concentrates the flow of air at a certain place, flat need to remove old putty, film, wallpaper.

Technical dryer, the use of which is limited only by the presence of power, is the most popular building tool, to find an alternative which is unlikely .As with all power tools, it is quite travmoopasen.It should be used in well ventilated areas.

When you use the hair dryer should be removed from the workspace all flammable objects.In the process, it is forbidden to keep your head in the dryer level, for obvious reasons.If, however, it was unclear how to use technical hair dryer, video will help understand all the nuances.