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August 12, 2017 18:08

Drills shock : how to choose the best option for their own purposes ?

What is it?

device hammer drill is to transfer two ratchets on the right and drill rotation and stroke.The only disadvantage of this principle is the low amplitude stroke, which is why you need to make great efforts, it has put pressure on the drill.This gives a strong vibration to the operator, and he tires easily.For an easier implementation of this work it is recommended to choose a powerful tool.Power ranges 400-1200 watts.The rotational speed can reach 3500 rpm, and the higher the speed, the correspondingly easier operation is performed.

Note!For long-term drilling patterns are available with locking trigger that eliminates the need to continually press the trigger.

Some drills have a reverse function.This option allows you to rotate the drill in both directions, which is very useful when you need to unscrew jammed drill or screw.Drill electric shock can be produced with speed control.There are models in which this process is regulated by mechanically pressing force, but more expensive devices s

upport the required speed, thanks to electronics.Also, many models are available with a choice of speeds, which reduces the load on the tool, making the work more efficient.

Drills shock, how to choose the right?

Choice hammer drill begins with the definition of objectives that you set for the tool.It is necessary to ensure that a particular drill is suitable for the job for which it was purchased.For example, you need to make a hole in concrete or stone, then you need a device with a higher power.Such tools can produce the necessary power, only by working from the network, then, cordless tools are no longer suitable.If the work is expected with more soft materials, the device power can be smaller and, as an option, the unit can be seen from the battery.

Note!Drill on the battery allows the operator mobility and freedom to work.

For proper analysis of all the options and choices: hammer drill, which is better, please note the following nuances:

  • Each drill has a load limit of the norm and temporary work.If the load exceeds the possibilities of the instrument, it quickly will become worthless;
  • should analyze target acquisition impact drill, as may be enough for your needs and simple tool;
  • quality drill.It must be smooth, durable and resistant to high loads.

Impact drill or punch?

Even the best hammer drill is not always suitable for some applications such as deep drilling in ultra-hard rocks.For these purposes should be used punch.In connection with this, again, it must be very clear about what you need a tool.Consider the possibility of the hammer drill and punch.

On the characteristics of the shock device we said, let's see, what he can "squeeze".Technical data allows drill to drill metal, wood, masonry, and the most powerful units can deal with concrete and stone.With the reverse function, you can twist and twist the screws and bolts.Also, with special nozzles, you can use a hammer drill, a sander and grinders.

this tool weight up to 3 kilograms with the greatest capacity, which is not enough to work with very durable materials.We now estimate the possibility of punch.Their capacity ranges from 800 to 1500 watts with a weight of 2-11 kg.It is much more massive, has a special holder and tooling.

It is great for making holes in reinforced concrete and stone, and can even act as a jackhammer, if necessary.The features, much faster punch passes into the material.In operation, there is no need to press the machine.In the case of punch perfect expression "like a hot knife through butter." Note! Punch unable to perform some functions of the drill, it's worth taking into consideration.