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August 12, 2017 18:08

Indirect heating system or gas boiler for heating high quality in your home

main advantages of indirect heating systems

indirect heating system is becoming increasingly popular among the residents of apartment buildings today.Indirect heating, as opposed to direct, supplies your apartment with hot water from a central heating and direct, in turn, heats the water from the mains or gas.Boiler indirect heating - a tank in the form of a rectangle or cube, which is usually installed directly under the boiler from the heat insulating material.Inside the tank is installed latunevy steel or a heat exchanger through which water flows from the heating boiler.Through an outlet for hot and cold water input for the boiler is connected to a central water supply system.

Indirect heating has the following advantages in everyday use:

  • boiler of this type does not overload the electrical wiring in the peak heating season, becauseThis system does not consume electricity;
  • Easy hand of the master device will allow correctly build into the system, thereby optimizing cost ratio;
  • Recycling allows hot water to go immediately after opening the tap, thanks to the constant heating looped circuit, in which the water is moving;
  • heating medium, as well as the inner surface of the tank with running water does not communicate that ensure long-term use of the boiler system.

The main advantages of indirect heating systems

Main, on the need to look for when choosing a boiler for the indirect heating is the volume of the tank.Conventionally, one person needs about 90 liters of hot water.

device indirect heating system

heat exchanger device shown in the diagram below, in which:

  1. cover electrical connections;
  2. warm water outlet pipe;
  3. magnesium anode;
  4. circulation;
  5. exit tube of cold water;
  6. discharge opening;
  7. exchanger tubular shape;
  8. insulation made of polyurethane (about 42 mm CFC-free);
  9. cylinder casing;
  10. thermostat sleeve;
  11. steel or enameled latunevy tank;
  12. measure temperature (thermostat with an external control unit).

The principle of indirect heater is shown in the diagram below.

indirect heating apparatus

From the source of heating water (boiler) water flows into the water heater tank.Back to the boiler return water is already cold.

water heaters of this type is designed vertical connection.It should be noted that it is desirable to have your indirect heating boiler with a heating element was that in case of emergency, provide hot water from the mains or other source of external energy.And one of the most profitable sources of energy is a gas boiler, which is complete with a boiler for installation.

indirect heating apparatus

Installing boiler with gas boiler

Easy hand of the master connects to the indirect heating system of any third party source of energy.But any expert to connect the system to your home will tell you about the advantage of the gas column - the most stable and cost-effective heating.However, this option will be most convenient if you live in your own home, rather than in the apartment.

Installation of the boiler with a gas boiler

Gas water heater installed near the boiler of indirect heating.Connect the water heater to a gas boiler has the following features:

  • Availability and installation of auxiliary circulating pump and expansion vessel;
  • Having a good ventilation system.

about how to connect a gas boiler described in more detail in the video.

With gas water heater stable heating and hot water will never become your problem!