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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wallpapering on the wall and ceiling - plan of forthcoming activities

Prepare the ceiling for wallpapering - the key to success

While training to wallpapering the ceiling and do not require such care as for painting, still work to be uneasy.

  • If before you had the wallpaper on the ceiling, you should remove them without residue and wash the old layer of the adhesive.Doing it the easiest solution of soda.
  • old whitewash, if any, should also be thoroughly washed.
  • If the ceiling is uneven, it is necessary to align it with the starting and finishing putty.

2-4 hours before the start of work is very desirable to handle ceiling acrylic primer or wallpaper paste diluted (see instructions).This will improve the adhesion of the coating to the ceiling.

then make sure the skip line gluing the cloth first.It is necessary to make the entire length of the ceiling.Best of all - with the help of a thread, any of the colored pigment.On both sides of the room at a distance equal to the width of the wallpaper (if there is still a border), or less than a few centimeters (if the curb i

s not provided) hammered nails, which stretched dyed thread.Then the thread is pulled parallel to the floor and let go - on the ceiling is a clear line.

Before starting to work, is highly recommended to watch the video wallpapering the ceiling and walls.This will avoid many of the pitfalls inherent in newcomers.

sure to think on what you stand during the execution of works on finishing the ceiling.The platform must be so in length, so you can pass it on from one wall to the other without going down.That is - the ladder will not work, we need the box and secure the board or more robust tables, arranged in a row, if a small height of the room.

Consider that one stick wallpaper on the ceiling - is possible, but very difficult.After standing on the platform, holding up his hands and his head thrown back, hard enough.And at the same time still need one hand to maintain smeared folded flag, the other - just through applying it to the ceiling, moving on the platform.So take a mate who will perform ancillary work.

Wallpapering the ceiling - stages

upcoming process can be divided into several stages:

1. Cutting blades.Typically, cut pieces of 10 cm longer than required.This is to ensure that, if the curvature of the ceiling (which happens very often) to block these shortcomings.

2. Folding panels offset a few centimeters, smearing them with adhesive and impregnation (when paper wallpaper was chosen).When namazyvanii pay special attention to the edges, because of this it depends largely on the quality of your work.

3. folded several times prepared cut (or rising from a dry cloth smeared with glue to the ceiling), you apply it exactly at the end of a broken line of wallpaper and smooth start.Assistant supports the rest of the cloth, helping you combine the edge.If the first list comes directly on the three walls, in the corners of the wallpaper are cut.And after the work removed all excess - cut under the line with a sharp knife.

4. smooth wallpaper from the middle to the edges, carefully expelling all the bubbles - with a brush, roller or special clean cloth.All excess glue carefully removed, otherwise they will be seen on the ceiling dried out.

5. The second panel and all subsequent laid end to end to the previous, combining, when the needs of the drawing.

How to paste over the wall wallpaper

After finishing the ceiling is completed, it is time to move on to the next stage - to the walls.For information on how to paste over the wall wallpaper, we have repeatedly been told, so the question should not cause difficulties.

Some difficulties may cause Wallpapering on the painted wall.In principle, the paint can not be removed and, if it is held firmly.But to test does not hurt: place on a wall adhesive tape, and then remove the wrench.If the wall remains undamaged, it is suitable for coating wallpaper.If on the tape were bits of paint, then the old paint should be removed.On the sequence of actions and tools required, you can find out in detail in the publication "What pokleit wallpaper in the paint."

Enjoy your mood and calm repair!