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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to glue wallpapers beautiful , right , for a long time

How stick wallpapers to figure coincided

Before pokleit Desktop, add them on the floor of the finished picture and pay special attention to the fact that the individual pieces of the same color.Even minor deviations (as is unfortunately the case), can lead to the fact that the whole picture will be spoiled, and in finished form on the wall will always attract the eyes is this mismatch.In the end, you will still replace it with a new one.

If the discrepancy found - take the purchase back to where you bought it.You owe them or replace, or refund the money.And it is better pick a different story, because this deficiency with shades inaccuracies can be repeated on the entire party.

second moment of importance - to see whether the joints are identical.Keep in mind that most manufacturers produce kits, which do not involve the joints, and are placed with a gap of 2 mm, which should cover the following web.But do not forget to check with the instructions that have to be!Check coincidence - both horizontall

y and vertically, so that figure is not "led".Everything is fine?So, you will find the next stage - gluing wall photos on the wall.

How to glue adhesive wallpapers

Before you start working, you need to decide on the matter - than their glue, because of this depends largely on the appearance and life of the coating.As a general rule, if you have ever had to deal with the usual, already know about how to glue wallpapers on the wall, because these works are very similar.Otherwise sticking photowall video will help you understand all the nuances.

make the necessary for a quality coupling with a solution of a wall is often stated in the instructions, mainly used universal - for wallpaper.Experienced builders recommend taking a natural and not a synthetic basis.The fact is that after a time low-quality adhesive may exude a yellow spots.Also sticking photowall requires little more than a thick consistency solution than conventional paper.

technology gluing photowall

will understand how to pokleit Mural in a kitchen or other room in stages.

1. Before sticking wallpapers, should prepare the wall.She must be freed from the old wallpaper, tipped, washed and preferably - proshpaklevat home, and then, after stripping - finishing putty.This step is particularly important for images in bright colors - pure white base will protect against the effects stand out fragments of gray walls.

2. Prime with the wall portion before gluing paper wallpapers.This is necessary in order to remove the dust and provide a better attachment of the wall sheets.It can be used as a primer ready and liquid (highly diluted) wallpaper paste.The primer should be dry!

3. Start from the light source (from the window), do the exact layout of the first sheet.From this stage depends on almost everything, so approach it responsibly.With the help of a plumb, level and pencil draw a horizontal and vertical line, forming an angle drawn exactly 90 degrees.The lines are drawn over the entire width and length of your wall pictures.

4. Fold the pieces on paper or cloth podstelennuyu face down to the first sheet pasted appeared overhead.On it, apply using a broad brush glue, paying particular attention to the edges of the sheet.

5. Do not biding time, as is usually done with the usual wallpaper.Smeared - and right on the wall!The first sheet precisely align the vertical and horizontal lines.From the mid - to the edges carefully rolled special hard roll for gluing wallpaper brush or a clean cloth to left bubbles.Speakers drops remove immediately.

6. Similarly, proceed as follows from the list.Apply it exactly on the horizontal line, carefully aligning the pattern (remember two millimeters!).

7. Align the second row of fragments as follows: first - just a vertical line, the next - after a drawing.

This is important!

temperature in the room during the work should be not less than 20 degrees, but it is desirable - and not more than 25. At higher temperatures wallpapers are cracked, low - depart.And do not forget: both during direct jobs and about a day after all the doors and windows in the room should be closed to prevent even the slightest draft.

Now you know how to stick wallpapers in the children's room or bedroom, and let them pick you up every time you return to the comfort of your home!