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August 12, 2017 18:08

As wallpaper glue - Repair psychology

How original pokleit wallpaper?

But just change the trim of the walls on two tones - it's so boring!Sometimes I want to bring to the quiet life of something fresh and unusual, extravagant ... In this case we recommend to do an extreme sport, or go on vacation to an exotic country.The voice of reason tells us that a shocking situation in the home may affect the psyche.And before you decide how pokleit unusual wallpaper, is to weigh all aspects of this decision.

There are more than a dozen different areas of interior design, but comfortable feel everyone will be able to only two or three of them.Therefore, in the decision-making process, as the original pokleit wallpaper, select for further changes in the life of only "their" room styles, all of which you and the other members of the family do not bother.And only then can we think about how beautiful pokleit wallpaper.But first, a brief digression ...

Do you know how fast and beautiful pokleit wallpaper?

interior beauty lies not only in the sty

le of design.The quality performance of all work on the design of the room also has a significant impact on the perception of a coherent picture.After all, you see, jagged walls of a luxurious wallpaper will still be evident, and eventually - just bulges to finish, it will look sloppy, that does not add to the aesthetics of your life.Therefore, thinking about cosmetic repairs, be sure you know - how pokleit wallpaper quickly and correctly.

On our site you will find many useful tips on how to better pokleit wallpaper:

  • that from a huge range to choose,
  • how to remove the old,
  • how to choose adhesive vinyl, paper, non-woven finishing materials,
  • whatIt should be made and preparation of other walls.

therefore will not be repeated, but once again turn our attention - both pokleit wallpaper on their own - the video clip from the professionals will show all the nuances.

As can be beautiful pokleit wallpaper with your hands

So, how can the most beautiful and interesting pokleit wallpaper?The easiest way would be cut into pieces and a half meters in length are different in color or texture, but united by a common feature of the cloth.The general direction can serve not only the color scheme, but also the geometry of the style or pattern, for example, it is permissible to combine plain suitable for them and asymmetrical striped wallpaper.Prepared Cuts would be easy enough to own pokleit on the walls, beautifully decorate the joints with a thin border.

If you already have a skill, and you can pokleit wallpaper with your hands without any help - we can recommend a striped design with contrasting or different colors on a pair of bunting.Using the latter method, you can even refresh a dark room - for this you need to start pasting from the window the most gentle of the selected shades, gradually, in 2-3 strips moving to more vivid colors.At the end of the work, you will be surprised what magic that appears in the previously uncomfortable room.If you do not clutter up the room furnishings, the resulting effect will continue for a long time, and the room will be the most popular in your home.

Of course, the proposed options - are not the only ways of original pokleit wallpaper.But before you decide on fundamental changes, imagine yourself in a new environment.Are you comfortable?Then - go - all at your fingertips!