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August 12, 2017 18:08

How fashionable to hang wallpaper , and how to combine techniques

How fashionable wallpaper glue, especially when it is the last squeak

course, hear strange that fashion can squeak, but it seems that this happens when the cause with all possible ryanostyu taken venerable designers.This applies equally to clothes and furniture, and wallpaper.And the latest fashion is changing less often, but on radically.And, more remarkable, fashion for pasting the walls in a particular style has a tendency to repeat , however, several new quality.For example, in the Soviet era began to use wallpapers popularity, despite the rather dubious quality of the base paper.The short-lived, with the sprawling namazyvanii too liquid glue drying on the walls with the formation of bubbles and wrinkles, regardless of effort in their smoothing, photographic images, made on separate sheets, sold out very quickly.Today, these wallpapers are back in fashion, and they can be found both in the form of separate fragments, emerging like a mosaic, or in rolls, if rapport (the image) is not is large in s

ize and is repeated on a panel at certain intervals.

So, you want to see on the wall of a landscape or pastoral picture of rural life (view of the outbuildings in the village, for example).Today you can get wallpapers with any image, in contrast to the standardized two and a half versions of Soviet times.One need only go to the nearest printing industry and providing them with the original image, to get through the short period of its enlarged copy on large cloth on a paper or textile backing.When pasting the walls you can cover an entire wall with photo wallpapers, or using baguettes, get a few squares covered with wallpaper.The gaps between them (as well as the space above and below) may be coated with latex or enamel.

How fashionable pokleit wallpaper to get a positive

cozy atmosphere How will premises, depend not only on the environment but also the color of the walls, and if we have in mind the wallpaper, and the drawing is of great importance.It should take into account the trend of fashion. very first wallpaper in Europe differ bright, flashy colors, in Soviet times it was possible to note a rather faded color rapport , today enjoys particular success pasting the walls with wallpaper patterned with a clear, large and moderately bright, contrasting colors ..

very popularcurrently floral motifs, and not a little pale little flowers, and huge, it can be said photographic color images.However, in the style of realism completely optional, it will go and fantastic plants.If present in the interior of antiques, or successful copies, a good answer to the question of how fashionable pokleit wallpaper, will be the Mediterranean anthroposophy.And it is unpronounceable phrase does not mean anything terrible, just wallpaper motifs associated with ancient civilizations, ancient manuscripts, archeology.Other styles, such as the art-decor in the form of multi-colored spots and blotches, or in the spirit of primitive cave paintings allow you to once again not to puzzle over how to apply wallpaper fashionable.

As it is now fashionable to hang wallpaper - the most popular ways

As applied to the wallpaper glue and how they then smooth on the wall - that teach you hardly need to be much more interesting you seem advice on ways of papering the walls.On the application of baguettes mentioned above, the method is not only photowall.Another interesting option - pasting wall wallpaper combined, and the combination of paintings here may be different: vertical, horizontal and even diagonal (perhaps too easily, but effectively).And sometimes it is appropriate to cover three walls with wallpaper of the same color, and the fourth wall or part of it - the other, highlighting thus the specific area in the room.

Observe the main rule for the combination of wallpaper - color in combination to be repeated what some furniture items.And another rule for combining the horizontal - bottom color should be darker, the exception is possible for a well-lit rooms.

very interesting this way of pasting the walls, like a patchwork, or, in other words, a panel of wallpaper of different series, respectively, with different rapport (pattern).Use the recommended three to six decors.The only condition - the inadmissibility of the conflict between the colors and pattern of wallpaper.And, of course, do not forget how it is now fashionable to hang wallpaper in their apparent lack - we are talking about this method of wall decoration like wallpaper coating pattern.The most fashionable items of paintings in the form of small, equally sized rectangular pieces are of the same type in the scope directly on the wall in a certain order or randomly.All the rest of the space the walls can be painted or whitewashed or covered with stencil pattern - option can be any of your choice.Picture gallery of fashionable wallpaper - what could be more surprising and, in most cases, more effective?