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August 12, 2017 18:08

Preparing walls for wallpapering - how to create the ideal conditions ?

Surface preparation for wallpapering - cleaning walls

Removing old wallpaper.Cleaning the walls Surface preparation for wallpapering begins with the removal of old or other decorative materials which adorned the wall before (varnish, paint, whitewash and others).

  • when removing old wallpaper using a spatula or trowel with which to hook over the edge of the canvas, and flowing forth motions removed leaving the paper furnish.
  • paint removed by hand - a trowel and by scraping them from the surface of the wall or using a drill and a special nozzle in the form of a wire brush.It is important to remember that when scraping paint is necessary to use personal protective equipment - safety glasses and respirator.
  • If you need to remove the old whitewash, then wash it with water: manually, using maklavitsu - special brush for whitewashing, or machine - using equipment capable of generating the desired pressure.

Antibacterial processing and alignment of the walls before gluing wallpaper

Processing antiseptic walls next step in preparing the walls for wallpapering - an a

ssessment of the state of the surface.For this wall carefully studied for the presence of mold or mildew.If any are detected, the treatment produced antibacterial wall before pasting wallpaper special solution or a solution of boric alcohol, after which the wall is allowed to dry and begin to remove the irregularities.

to determine roughness using lace (long cord, rubbed chalk), a long stick or laser level.Laser Level immediately identify any irregularities, but in its absence, you can use the old-fashioned way - two people are on the edges of the walls, pull the braid and lead her up and down.Mel leaves traces on a flat surface, depressions remain clean, not traced the zones are formed around the bumps.If

detect bulges, they are removed hammer or chisel with a hammer.Cracks in the wall usually seen visually hidden - reveal tapping, then chop off the edge to a solid surface.Cavities and cracks sealed with putty or plaster to obtain a perfectly flat surface.And even if the preparation is made of a new wall, which is glued for the first time, it is also necessary to align as perfect erection does not occur naturally.

Preparing walls before gluing wallpaper for their perfect flatness - a very important step, as it determines the way in the future will fall decoration.If you do not perform all the steps responsible enough, when pasting, you may cause serious problems - there will be gaps between the bunting, or vice versa - catching the eye overlaps.

Primer wall before pasting wallpaper

Primer wall before pasting wallpaper After lining is made to wash the walls before pasting wallpaper, this is done using a wide brush or roller and a special composition - ground.Also this work can be done a spray gun, but when using the machine tools, the cost of the ground used to be 20% more.

can hang wallpaper and plaster, but a primer to produce a final alignment of walls and improve the properties of the coupling between the joined surfaces.Also a good primer prevents the development of putrefactive bacteria and fungi.

After priming the wall is allowed to dry, and only then proceed directly to wallpapering.However, those who made all the preparatory steps correctly, get great pleasure in the final stages of repair.