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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wallpapering - design in the style of fashion trends for the original home decoration

Designer Wallpapering - what is it?

Even 20 years ago it seemed that might be in the original wallpaper ?!Rolls standard widths with a small variety of drawing not allowed to show individuality.Consummation, higher chic, inaccessible to ordinary mortals, and last all the rage considered design wallpaper pasting in the "silk screen" style.Today, a variety of types, sizes and colors of roll materials as well, opening up the possibility of the original wallpapering, able to change the space visually transform the room into an exotic location, create magical patterns on the walls and ceiling.

And to prove this, simply visit the point of sale where the sale of materials for the repair is carried out.When you look at the diversity of the current range, original ideas wallpapering come by themselves.

Ideas Wallpapering on

walls Standard Wallpapering - design "a la the seventies," when the room pasted over with the same material that has long been sunk into oblivion. Today it is fashionable to make out

the premises different wallpaper which brings together a total range of colors, or the general idea (graphics, classic or fairy-tale motifs, impressionism), or contrast - the exact opposite of color and pattern.

  • For some types of wallpaper (from two to four) with different patterns and possibly the size of centrally arranged in a harmonious ensemble, capable of causing excitement among the amateurs and professionals.An example is the original idea to decorate the walls with pieces of unequal wallpaper - paper patchwork.To this end, different design, length and width of the cloth spread on the wall (in the height of the room for 3 pieces), and all joints - horizontal and vertical - glued narrow (1-1.5 cm) strip of finishing in the tone of the plinth or the door.In the resulting cells can hang photos, pictures, pennants and other accessories, which is a pity to throw out, but nowhere else to place.Believe me, this idea wallpapering not leave anyone indifferent!
  • Designer Wallpapering can turn a long and narrow corridor in the cozy lounge.Alternating coloring bands and their direction, it is easy to achieve perfect harmony of colors, and change the perception of space.If you have a striped wallpaper (especially with a slight sheen), then paste them in a standard way on the three walls, and for registration of the fourth - to change the direction of the horizontal gluing.The effect will exceed all your expectations!
  • For those who do not want to waste time cutting pieces and drawing patterns on the wall, or anyone afraid of manipulation with horizontal panels, there is an easier option - Wallpapering the two species.One wall (the length of the room) Wallpapers in bright colors, the opposite - in darker and combine two colors in unexpected combinations in width.Harmony, exclusivity and beauty of this design of the room depends only on your design fantasies, but in any case, it will be fresh, new and nice!

Originally sticking wallpaper - ceiling design also take into account the possible

ceiling design also significantly diversify the game with the texture and shade of the wallpaper.For example, the multifunction room such as infant reasonably be divided into zones with different colors, and the paste and the walls and ceiling of the same material.The effect of the 'box' would look great in a gentle color scheme.And if you turn on the game of colors and even the floor, the space can also be divided diagonally, or in any direction, which will choose your imagination.

learn how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling, we'll talk some other time, but now I want to draw attention to the fact that such an approach to be very careful with the colors of extortion.But, as practice shows, even the blue and yellow looks wonderful and is perceived easily if guessed correctly with shades.

Look, try, experiment - be original today in fashion again!