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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pasting steklooboyami or creating a durable cover

Properties Covering

  • are characterized by high strength and durability.Their term of service with proper bonding technology is about 30 years.Often they are used in seismic regions unstable because reinforcing fibers that make up the fixed fine cracks and seams give a "disperse".
  • are made of 100% natural materials (soda, silica sand, dolomite, special glass).This ensures that no possibility of a nutrient medium for microorganisms and parasites.It also provides an environmentally friendly microclimate.
  • Excellent fire performance with the index of toxicity and flammability G1 T1.In case of fire do not burn and emit harmful toxic substances to humans.
  • easy to use and easy to clean.Moreover, this material does not attract dust and accumulates static electricity, again through the use of natural ingredients.

In contrast to conventional wallpaper, glass can be pokleit on any surface.And it does not matter base made of metal, wood, concrete or plastic.Even in old buildings use them as cover.Joints and c

racks in this case are in complete safety thanks to the properties of the reinforcing material.Additionally, fiberglass is not sensitive to moisture and is chemically neutral.

Classification of fiberglass

Covering Cost depends on the class.Each class has certain characteristics.For example, there are fiberglass 1st grade ( "full-weight"), 2nd grade (non-standard) and economy class. first have a density of more than 100 grams per m2, they are responsible for high rates of longevity.

Class II differs from the first in that it can often come across a marriage (a fill pattern, hole, stick the thread).Although some "experts" say that the difference is in the packaging.Believe it not worth it.And last, economy class have a density of less than 100 grams per m2.Of course, neither of which durability in this form, however.

Pasting of walls steklooboyami

Initially prepared surface.With it removed the old wallpaper, paint, dust and dirt.Gloss over the cracks chips, the base is leveled.Next primed wall, while you can use special primer of type EK-G100, 200, or Ceresit adhesive (glue for the best «Nortex» wallpaper).Next, cut fabric length equal to the height of the walls plus 10 centimeters.

Wallpapering the wall begins with the application of adhesive to the primed surface.Apply a first web with the help of a plumb line.The rest of the fabric glue method "butt" and smooth rubber roller or trowel.Wallpaper Remains in special plinths cut with a knife.After drying, the wallpaper stain.Recommended staining in two layers.

Pasting the ceiling steklooboyami

Often the question arises - how to hang wallpaper on the ceiling?The process is identical in many respects.To start well prepared surface.Deleted whitewash, paint, wallpaper and any other cover.It eliminates dust and dirt.That is the base before the application must be clean, dry and smooth.The porous surface is further grounded by special trains.

Next cut fabric length equal to the length of the ceiling and added 5 centimeters.If you want to combine the drawing, in each of the following band, he shifted to the half of the pattern.After pasting wallpaper remnants are cut.The surface in the process of carefully smoothed with a rubber roller or trowel.