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August 12, 2017 18:08

Heating cable inside the pipe for drainage

Existing tools heating sewers

Existing means of heating sewer pipes

There are many ways of thawing pipes.Also, there are many options for warming the sewerage system, among which are enveloping pipes insulated materials, creating an air layer, and so on. However, modern technology offers new and very convenient way to prevent freezing of the drainage system of its warming.This can be a heating cable for inside sewage pipes or outside.

Providing electrical heating drainage pipe communication is quite costly exercise.But the installation of such a structure will justify all expectations.There are two types of electric heating pipe sewage system:

  • Outdoor.
  • Inner.

remainder of this article will be described and analyzed both types of heating sewerage pipe fittings.

Existing means of heating sewer pipes

External means of electrical heating sewerage system

There are two types of external heating of structures: a film and cable.

Film type electric heating drainage pipes is the most common.Primarily, this is caused by the low cost of these materials, as well as

ease of installation.Also obogrevochnaya film affects the entire area, heating all of its points at the same time.

Cable external heating system is an electrical cable, which envelop the tubular.If necessary, include obogrevochny element, it generates heat and thus melt the ice plug in the sewer pipe.

used several types of electric heating cables:

  • self-regulating.The easiest-to-use element to warm.This type of insulating elements can automatically respond to the air temperature, or the tube and, if necessary, to regulate heating.The temperature may be varied at different portions drainage system.This type of product is possible and how the heating cable inside the pipe for drainage, but for him it will be a little later in the article.
  • Resistance.This type preheating string, when activated, maintains the same high temperature along their whole length.In this case, it may be blown, so along the cable to be installed sensors and thermostats to prevent overheating and failure.
  • Zone.This type of heating cable, as opposed to resistive, is not the entire length of the sewer system, but only at its individual portions.

External means of electrical heating sewerage system

specifics of the installation of the heating cable outer

There are several features that should be followed when laying the cable outer obogrevochnogo:

  • Installation of equipment is made exclusively along the pipe.It will be possible to avoid mistakes in the structure of the preheating system.
  • strictly prohibited crossing of cable in different locations sewage drainage.The contact portion of the cord between them may cause a short circuit and burn.
  • When laying the heating element should be taken into account dead-end and the bypass line.

Under these rules are much less likely breakdown products.

The specifics of the installation of the heating cable outer

is quite attentive to the choice of the heating cable.After all, work is carried out in the presence of electricity.The slightest damage or misuse can lead to pipe electrification throughout its length.Therefore it is necessary to choose the products carefully and follow all rules described in the instructions.

Domestic heating Communications sewerage system

Besides external, often used for the heating cable inside the pipe sewers.To install this type of product requires a preliminary installation of the tee, through which the heating cable is introduced into the sewerage system.Direct contact with the frozen elements allows you to quickly remove ice jams.However, there are many disadvantages of this type of heating system:

  • significantly reduces the reliability of the pipeline due to the introduction of his tee system.Finding
  • cable inside pipe fittings greatly increases the risk of various blockages solid elements that are abundant in the wastewater.
  • significantly decreases the diameter of pipe fittings, which reduces its efficiency.
  • If sewer communications system has a lot of twists and turns, the complexity of the inner lining obogrevochnogo cord is greatly increased.

It should make a choice between a large number of drawbacks and the fact that the heating cable inside the pipe for drainage is a very effective tool in the fight against ice jams inside assenizatornoy network.

Domestic heating Communications sewerage system

Thus, in the article have been described and analyzed the basic characteristics and parameters of heating systems, sewer pipes.