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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sewage pump

Key Features sewage pumps

Key Features sewage pumps

pumps of this type are of two types: drainage and faecal.Drain the pump set is used for the pumping of waste fluids without any blockages.Sewage pump, analysis and characterization of which will be the focus of this article, is used for pumping sewage water contaminated with a variety of solid materials.Further, the article will describe the specific characteristics of sewage pumps and their specific features, as well as the selection criteria.

As mentioned above, fecal pumping devices used for pumping out wastewater, which are present in the composition of the solids.For pumping the substances present in the product structure chopper.It grinds the solids, which prevents the pump elements become clogged, thereby preventing clogging of nozzles otsosnyh.Sewage pumping device types include:

  • Devices for pumping cold water without chopper.This type of pump can be used with pollution control elements, which temperature is not higher than 40 degrees.They can be made from vyka
    chku pools and other vessels of this type.
  • Devices for pumping hot water without chopper.The temperature of water, which can operate this unit is not higher than 90 degrees.They can pump out water from basements, which burst heating pipes.
  • devices for cold water from the chopper.Can pump liquids contaminated with solid elements.Sewage pump can operate at water temperatures above 40 degrees.The most common subtype of this type of pump units.Well suited for pumping wastewater treatment elements from storage reservoirs.
  • device for hot water from the chopper.It works in temperatures up to 90 degrees.The specifics of the application is quite narrow.

Types sewage pumps

Typology pumps sewage pump is based not only on the specific fluids pumping which they can make, but also on the specifics of their work.On this basis, these devices are divided into:

  • submersible.
  • Semi-submersible.
  • Exterior.

will now be analyzed and characterized by each type of fecal pump separately.

Types of sewage pumps

submersible sewage pumps

Fecal pumps installed on the bottom of the tank from which you will need pumping contaminated water.This device operates automatically.Signaling elements of automation are floats.Once they reach a certain level - the unit starts.Mount Technology submersible drainage pump device:

  • At the bottom of the tank, from which it is intended evacuation, attached pipe.
  • On the walls of the tank are mounted folding rails.
  • to the device attached rope, with which he will be released on the bottom of the tank.
  • device down to the bottom and is attached to the pipe.Fixing occurs by means of the pump unit of its own weight.

If necessary, the product can be easily removed from the tank via a predetermined cable.

Sewage Submersible Pump

submersible sewage pump type of device can be used not only for pumping sewage from the storage reservoir.With this equipment it is possible to arrange removal of sewage sediment, as well as perform various watering plants in the garden.

submersible sewage pumps

This type of pumping devices mounted in such a way: suction part is immersed in the contaminated liquid, and the part that contains the engine, located above it.The degree of pollution of water treatment, which can run this product is limited.Possible diameter of the solid particles in the sewage water may be no more than 15 mm.This type of drain pump device is well suited for cesspools of private homes and gardens.

Fecal submersible pump

Fecal pump surface

This type of drainage pumping equipment is located outside the tank.The suction element is hose which is immersed in the reservoir.Ease of use of this device is its high mobility.This type of drainage pump is a low power motor.The diameter of the pollutants in the wastewater can not exceed 5 mm.

Sewage pump surface

Thus, in the article have been described and analyzed the main characteristics of the sewage pumps.Also it has been shown and described their main types and species.