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August 12, 2017 18:08

The temperature at the workplace

temperature in the workplace and its impact on the duration of your work

Naturally, the work itself and the workplace are different.It is impossible to put working conditions loader, bulldozer, and the banker on the same level.Each profession has a permitted rate of temperature, which allowed people to work.According to the "Annex number 1 GOST 12.1.005-88 Occupational Safety Standards General sanitary-hygienic requirements to the air of the working area" all kinds of works are divided into specific categories, which has its own acceptable ranges and micro-climatic conditions.The temperature at the workplace

In this article, let's talk more about the working conditions in the office, or rather, on its temperature mode.

For some, perhaps, the following information will be opening.Did you know that the temperature, which does not meet the standards spelled out in the labor code, reducing your working time on the clock?

Now someone chuckled, because all are well aware that in our country, as a rule, difficult to achieve fairness an

d justice, but still.Knowing this information, of course your working day is reduced to one hour, but it will be another reason to take time off back home early or demand money for overtime.

Of course, most active employees can write a complaint to the management, which refuses to provide optimal temperature conditions of work.We sincerely believe that you will succeed in this venture.The temperature at the workplace

measure the temperature in the workplace at the office

And so, where is permissible to watch humidity and temperature."Hygienic requirements for the microclimate of industrial premises. SanPiN "- this is the official document that you need.It contains clearly defined requirements of the temperature regime in the office.Based on these laws, feel free to go to management and demand workplace that complies with all the rules.The temperature at the workplace

Under certain temperature standards in the workplace office staff, in the summer, there should be 23-25 ​​degrees hotter.If it is cold, the pore, while 22-24 degrees.thermometer considered acceptable, provided that the air humidity is 40-60%.

Naturally, there is the permissible limits of deviation, which are only 1 or 2 deg., At most.During the day, the temperature can vary by no more than four degrees.

about in such circumstances, you are required to work in the office of 8 hours.When the temperature rises by one degree (for example, the allowable temperature of 25 deg., But during the day, it rose by 4 degrees, which no longer corresponds to the law), require early leave from work, namely an hour.. That is, if it is 29 degrees, then a working day at the office is only 7 hours and 30 degrees - 6 hours, etc.

When the thermometer in the office crossed the mark of 32.5, an hour later you are allowed to go home.

similar situation during the cold season.At a temperature of 19 degrees, the working day is 7 hours, 18 degrees.- 6 hours, etc.

To accurately determine the temperature, it is necessary to hang the thermometer to a height of 1 meter from the floor.

In general, the employer will be more profitable to install an air conditioner or heater in the workplace, rather than pay the fine, provided the Administrative Code, for non-compliance with sanitary regulations.So do not hesitate and do not be afraid of his superiors.Achieve that at your workplace you can work comfortable and pleasant.Rely on all of the above laws and regulations, and you will definitely be able to restore justice.The temperature at the workplace