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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pipe insulation made ​​of polyethylene foam - what do you need a coat ?

pipe insulation made of polyethylene foam - why is it necessary?

polyethylene used for the protection of plastic, copper or steel.Tube outside diameter in this case may range from 6 to 160 mm.Regarding the thickness of the insulating layer, it is in the range from 6 to 32 mm.You can also use the material to protect the pipes of very large diameter, the more so that it comes in the form of rolls or plates.insulator density can fluctuate 33-40 kg / m3 range.

foam polyethylene - is, above all, the polymer.its cost is acceptable, so it is used quite often.The insulator may have a coating of foil or to be none at all.Use material can be to protect the sewage, heating, air conditioning systems, chimneys, water inside the house, as well as pipes in refrigeration.

Isolate, ie protect against the negative influences of the pipe is necessary in order for them to work efficiently and for a long time operated.Thermal protection prevents them from freezing or overheating, and even in this way can reduce the noise

of the water in the pipes.

pipe insulation made of polyethylene foam - the pros and cons

foamed polyethylene for pipes has a great disadvantage - it is a material that is not only well-lit, but supports combustion.However, this disadvantage does not restrict the use of the material, especially because it has a lot of advantages .

example, the material is easy to process (cut and easily mounted), and is resistant to chemicals.Yet it can withstand large temperature range (-40 to +70 degrees Celsius) and not be destroyed, it can be used both indoors and for the protection of sewage pipes in the ground.

foam polyethylene insulation is a wonderful, simple enough to install.The fact that the bulk material is air, so it conducts heat poorly, and thus can significantly reduce energy costs for heating.

polyethylene Another advantage is resistance to moisture, so it is often used for insulation of water pipes.He also has excellent sound-absorbing properties.

foamed polyethylene for pipes - installation rules

pipe insulation made of polyethylene foam is not a difficult procedure, but it should be carried out in accordance with a particular technology.First of all the pipe should be prepared for the procedure.Preparation involves only cleaning object wraps from dust or dirt.

foamed polyethylene pipe is put on like a stocking, so the installation does not present any particular difficulties.This can be done, if they are not already installed.You can also edit the material on pipes already installed, but for this it is necessary to make an incision with a knife.

If polyethylene is cut after completion of the installation it must be to stick with the help of aluminized (or normal) tape.When the pipe has a large diameter, the insulating material wound on it that is used roll variant thereof, after which the joints, like by cutting, glued tape.The main advantage of such an insulator is that since it does not require installation of additional finishing.