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August 12, 2017 18:08

gravel compaction ratio - what works associated with this option ?

Bulk density of rubble - which means this feature?

Crushed very small fraction is used for landscaping, garden paths devices, decorative trim, and so on.Crushed most coarse fraction representing fragments of rocks, rubble is used as a material.The most popular middle fraction is used to create concrete products, concrete mixes, the foundation, as well as the construction of roads, bridges, railways and others.

Bulk density rubble - is another value that must be taken into consideration when working with this material: rasklintsovke or laying, calculation of concrete.This ratio occupied by gravel volume to its total weight.In other words, the density of the gravel uncompacted state.

For measurements using special vessels of some form, up to 50 liters.This value must be calculated as follows: weight of the empty container is subtracted from the weight of the container filled with gravel, the resulting number is divided by the volume of the empty container.In this way, any calculated bulk density gran

ular building material.

Rasklintsovka rubble: the essence of the process

device base of crushed stone for road surface is made in the construction of roads, bridges, runways.The base of crushed stone must have a high strength and density as the roadbed will be subjected to high loads.To make the base of the most dense applied process rasklintsovki.

Rasklintsovka rubble - is the process of laying macadam base with grains of different fractions.In fact, it is filling the voids between the grains of coarse fraction grains small fraction of crushed stone, which gives the maximum strength of the base.Socket Technologies roadway rubble laying device must be carried out in several stages.

First comes the laying of a larger grain fractions, 50-70 mm, 80-120 mm less.After that, it must be sealed with special rollers.Further held rasklintsovka material fines and compaction roller.Then the next rasklintsovka with the addition of gravel more fines after each - seal rubble rink.

Depending on the requirements of the road surface can be made up to three rasklintsovok.To reduce friction between the grains of crushed stone they must be watered with water.Workflow rasklintsovki can be used not only in the construction of roads, but also in the manufacture of concrete products and structures.

factor sealing gravel - what to know this option?

soil sealing gravel is mainly used in the construction of buildings.This process is carried out in order to avoid subsidence of the underlying layers, or due to leaky crushed stone layer, and compacted soil will shrink over time, which will lead to the formation of voids between the layer and floor slab, so that the floors will be covered with cracks.

ramming rubble - a prerequisite for the creation of durable and high-quality base in the construction of roads or buildings.For tamping can use the rink, vibration plate or manual rammer (for small quantities).

To check the seal quality used a special device, which determines the degree of compaction by the dynamic sensing: after a few strokes of his disk surface it calculates the shrinkage of rubble.If, according to the testimony of the device, the degree of shrinkage is normal, you can continue to rasklintsovku and seal following layer of gravel.