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August 12, 2017 18:08

The use of plastic products for the heating and their advantage

Metal pipes and their application.

Increasingly during repairs, radiators made of polymeric materials replace old or defective iron or steel structures.The use of plastic products for the heating and their advantage

This is due to the fact that such products have a number of advantages:

  • Easy.For such a system to collect not be easy, it does not require the use of expensive equipment or professional services;
  • durability.Because the material is resistant to corrosion is many times increases its period of operation;
  • High throughput.This is achieved due to the fact that the pipe surface inside is very smooth, which prevents the deposition of sediment;
  • strength.Due to its composition, the plastic is very resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Economy.Cost of polymeric materials is low, and therefore the prices of such tubes is quite acceptable;
  • Sustainability.They do not emit harmful substances, and no rust will provide clean water;
  • ease.Plastic pipes are light in weight, which greatly facilitates the process of bonding.

Metal-plastic - a laminate consisting of:

  • Outdoor polyethylene layer;
  • aluminum layer, not less than 0.4 mm thick;
  • internal polyethylene layer;
  • adhesive layer alternates with all sectors.The use of plastic products for the heating and their advantage

Due to the aluminum foil, the product has a high flexibility and strength, helps to change the bending angle of the pipe in any direction.And the use of high-quality adhesive layer will ensure integrity and durability.

When buying plastic pipes for the heating system devices, refer to such criteria:

  • sure to read the label specified in the passport for the products, and provides information about the permissible temperature (for hot water and heating by 95 degrees, as well as its short-term increaseto +130);
  • properly selected diameter of the pipe - is half the battle.It must be such to allow water to move at a speed of 0.5 m / sec.
  • choose only certified products - a guarantee of quality;

Taken together, these qualities ensure trouble-free operation of metal structures for 50 years.

Heating with the use of polyethylene pipes.

Modern heating and hot water systems are composed of different materials, one of which is polyethylene.

There are several types of polyethylene:

  • LDPE;
  • MDPE;
  • HDPE,

where - PE or PE REH- brand abbreviation, and LD, MD, HD - density ratio.

This indicator affects the specifications vypuskaemoy.produktsii, the higher the ratio, the stronger will be the product.The use of plastic products for the heating and their advantage

Advantages of polyethylene pipes are obvious:

  • Ease of connection (using adapters using brazing or welding machines);
  • not require large financial expenditures;
  • service life of about 50 years;
  • Low thermal conductivity (allowing to conserve heat and prevents condensation);
  • sufficient flexibility;
  • not require any special storage and transportation conditions;
  • Resistance to aggressive environment.

main characteristics of polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride.

Another type of plastic designs - made of polypropylene and PVC products.The technical characteristics, they have a range of advantages that other kinds of plastic.But perhaps the most important secret of their popularity - cheapness and variety of accessories.The use of plastic products for the heating and their advantage

But there are also some disadvantages, which are undesirable for hot water supply and heating system devices, namely the inability to use at temperatures above 70 degrees.