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August 12, 2017 18:08

How dry acrylic paint , or what else is important to know about it ?

What do we see when dried acrylic paint?Acrylic

contains three components: a pigment, a binder and water.As a binder used copolymers or acrylates.The paint dries very quickly and after drying forms a resilient plastic resistant coating, has good covering properties and excellent color brightness.Acrylic paints, in contrast to the watercolors, the sun does not burn and does not fade with time, as oil.

During evaporation of water acrylic paint dries, and then forms an elastic film of pigment and binder.Dry Acrylic differs great strength, it is not brittle and does not crack, the painted surface is not foliated.After time Acrylic no wrinkles, it is resistant to changes in humidity conditions and temperature extremes.Its light resistance tested more than fifty years of existence.

When applying a thin layer of paint dries almost instantly, thicker layers dries slower - up to several minutes.After they are dried, water acrylic paints are not deleted and do not lend themselves very well scraped or treated


drying time of acrylic paint and other characteristics

Magnificent its performance.The paint can be applied to metal or concrete surfaces, plasters on.For acrylic paints characterized by low gas permeability, and it is for this reason that they effectively protect the painted surface from corrosion.

But for the same reason on the plastered surface can be applied not earlier than one month after the completion of the work - plaster for curing requires carbon dioxide.

Acrylic paints provide a huge range of rich and vibrant colors that do not fade in the sun and not dimming over time.These inks have good water vapor permeability, so that the painted surface it can "breathe" without missing with moisture.

Due to resistance to weathering acrylic paint equally well suited for both interior and exterior work.It is fire-proof, cold-resistant and not prone to the accumulation of dirt.Stain it can be almost any surface: from cardboard and canvas in the artist's studio to the brick and concrete on a construction site.

How dry acrylic paint - how can affect the time?

When using these inks in the construction sector in their composition is often added to latex - the substance which enhances the already good water-repellent properties of the paint.The surface of the painted such a composition, can withstand up to five thousand washing cycles.

acrylic paint drying time depends on the environment.At high temperatures and low moisture process proceeds much faster than, and can be used to accelerate it.It helps accelerate the drying and the creation of good ventilation.

But, speaking of acrylic, it should be noted that the characteristic properties of all types of colors are slightly different depending on the species.For example, Humbrol by brush plays most types of synthetic dyes.But it must be borne in mind that this is the earliest type of this kind of acrylic.In paints Helle , appeared after Humbrol , these properties have significantly improved.Well, appeared still later types and at all free from such defects.