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August 12, 2017 18:08

Deck plank - all genius is simple

Deck plank: properties

feature of such boards - in the absence of rebates, availability of the rounded edges of the facets on the upper (front) side.Also, there are certain nuances and in laying, it is performed with a gap between the small boards.The result is a very practical, environmentally friendly, harmless and decorative surface, looking equally well indoors (great sex in a sauna) and outdoor decks.Not afraid of extreme temperatures, long retains its properties.

External application board allows for magnificent veranda, garden paths, areas near swimming pools, etc.Like any wood floor planking requires measures to protect from moisture, pests, etc.Because of this, manufacturers offer a wide variety of processing tools, protection and care of deck flooring.The use of these measures enables the device decking from cedar, oak, linden, ash, pine.While the most traditional material considered larch.

Species floorboard

high popularity of the deck coating, caused by its decorative and environme

ntally friendly, has led to the creation of many varieties of performance of the coating (such as decking or garden parquet), as well as technologies that increase the resistance of natural materials of wood.For example, treatment at temperatures between 180 and more than 280 degrees Celsius, dubbed TMU.This

treated timber, according to producers, small rot, is able to withstand all external influences.It can be used not only for the tracks, decking or flooring, but also to create a ventilated facade cladding buildings.This treatment, regardless of the gnarled and other defects in the original array, ensures that the geometric dimensions of the material, UV resistance, fungi and insects, harsh weather extremes.

addition of natural solid wood, there are composite materials for the production of a polymer of the deck boards.This board is made from the wood flour and polymer binders, pigment and other additives.The result is a material that mimic natural deck board, highly resistant even to seawater.In addition, such a material is lightweight, fire resistant, does not lose properties during operation.It is widely used in the construction of modern ships.

Manufacturers guarantee ecological and harmless material.However, despite all the advantages of closer heart Natural flooring, larch, in this sense it is not only the most familiar, but the best one.Given its natural resistance to moisture, density, durability, its application can be called the most justified from the standpoint of operational efficiency.

Features laying floorboard

Laying floorboard will require doing some preparation, but generally no different complexity.First of all, as in any work on the device of flooring, you need to determine the size of the room or floor of the future.

Knowledge of the exact size, the site will better define the geometry of the desired number of boards.It should take into account a certain margin for error and rounding, in general, up to five percent, plus or minus.

Better if it will be possible to agree to hand over the remains unused, still Flooring - Larch.But there is nothing wrong with that, if it remains a small supply of material just in an emergency, then less hassle.The next thing will be careful preparation of the foundations of the future decking.This work should be given a lot of attention, becausefrom the base of the quality depends on the quality of the flooring.This can be expanded clay concrete screed on the pillow, metal or wooden supporting structures, etc.

After training at the base of stacked logs (no thinner than 40 mm) hardwood.Typically, about half a step, rather this step depends on the thickness of the coating material.Have them carried mount board.Laying mandatory clearance of not less than three but not more than seven millimeters.

By the way, before the installation process is the protective coating material on both sides, it is important.These clearances are necessary for ventilation and dripping water falling on the coating of the board, especially for decks mounted in open spaces.Ways of fastening planks many traditional screws with anti-corrosion coating to the closed method using stainless steel staples.