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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to remove the lacquer tree or home furniture.Wash for varnish .

Why do we need to remove the nail from the tree?

First of all, it should be understood that the removal of varnish from wood is necessary in order to fully expose the surface of the wood and then use various means to upgrade its texture and give an elegant look of old furniture, thus turning it into an antique value.

Before you remove the nail from the tree, you must understand that this procedure requires patience and conducted very carefully, in several passes as any, even the most insignificant, wood failure is unacceptable.

Below we look at how to remove the varnish with furniture under these conditions, at the same time drawing attention to the fact that the task is complicated by high volatility used for this purpose substances.Also mention about the high-temperature methods, in which should be extremely cautious.

Using removers for wood

Traditionally, to remove old paint from wooden surfaces used so-called remover - a special tool for removing varnish from wood.For one-stop quality to r

emove all old paint coatings probably will not succeed, and therefore please be patient.

For all treated surfaces do "wrap" - first brush Liberally apply a wash, and then if possible more carefully wrap the treated areas of the furniture in plastic wrap.This is necessary in order to protect the volatile fast drying on a wash.

A day "wrap" can be removed, but before you remove the old paint from the tree, gently try to perform this procedure with a spatula on a certain small area - it is quite possible that will have another day to impose a new "wrap."

spatula easier to replace with a wire brush or a knife for processing relief features.As a result

possibly repeating this procedure repeated mixture softened layer of lacquer and chemicals is formed on the surface.Before you wash lacquer tree, gently remove with a spatula, this layer and only then carefully wash out in warm water to release the final surface of the wood from the old varnish.After performing this procedure, the wood must be allow to dry for at least a day.

Other ways to remove paint from wood

Talking about how to remove the old paint from the wood, not to mention and roasting, in which the layer is softened with a blowtorch or a blower.Thus it is necessary to follow closely to the surface being treated is not charred.Small individual sections are heated to the melting of varnish, which immediately removed with a spatula.

If the coating is beginning to smoke or bubble, is a sure sign of overheating, and work to avoid charring should be suspended.The old coating can be removed and mechanically - sanded or cycle.With this method, some caution should not to damage the surface of the wooden furniture.

It is appropriate to mention the so-called "wet" method, when before removing the old varnish, the surface being treated is wetted with a damp sponge and only then polished with sandpaper.At periodic wetting during grinding varnish becomes a thick slurry, which was not difficult to remove.After removal of the lacquer surface is wetted with a damp sponge and after drying the last time processed fine-grained sandpaper.

Finally, another way - the removal of the old coating using a grinder followed by a large sandpaper.However, it should be borne in mind that is unlikely such an approach to keep the wood surface intact.