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August 12, 2017 18:08

The chimney for the boiler room : how to calculate the height .

scheme design and dimensions

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To begin the process of resettlement of the chimney for the boiler, it is necessary to examine certain building regulations, which clearly specified the rules and characteristics of the process for its construction.

important to know that regardless of the chimney type (domestic or industrial), it is composed of elements such as the trunk of the chimney, the foundation and the ground part.

course, that the very construction process is implemented in stages.First, establish the foundation, then the plinth part and in the end he chimney.Some change the order of construction, but this is not recommended, as it can disrupt the functionality of the system.

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According to building codes (SNIP), all the chimneys of boilers and their dimensions are determined by height.For example, industrial chimneys must be higher than the highest building in the district to 25m.When it comes to household chimneys boiler, their optimum height - 5 meters above regarding the roof.It is best

not to interfere with these settings, as they depend on the performance of the heating system.

on the size of the chimney, in a special way affects the material from which it is made.Therefore:

  • brick chimney must not be less than 30 m, no more than 70 m, with a diameter of not less than 60 cm and not more than 8m .;...
  • reinforced concrete chimney can not be higher than 300 m., And its maximum diameter is 10m.
  • steel structures reaching up to 30 m., With a maximum diameter up to 1m.

If you exceed these values, it will cause a loss of stiffness chimney and complicate the process of fuel combustion.

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We design boiler chimneys correctly.Design features

Before proceeding to the construction of this structure, it is required to prepare a draft.flue pipes for boilers are designed on such a scheme:

  1. Determine the type of construction.It depends on the following factors:
    • amount of fuel burned;
    • location chimney with respect to the facade;
    • height of the structure;
    • presence of additional elements for the fasteners.
  2. Calculate the chimney aerodynamics based on the average annual wind load.It is influenced by Rod pumped naturally or artificially.
  3. Calculate the geometric parameters of the chimney - height and diameter, based on the amount and type of fuel burned.
  4. Calculate the outer diameter and the thickness of the walls of the chimney, based on the dimensions of the internal cross-section and height.According to these characteristics, the design will gain strength and stability.
  5. proceeds to optimize all the characteristics of the chimney.Phase-to-date if the boiler flue pipe reinforced by reinforcing elements, such as the power frame, stretch marks, etc.
  6. Produce visualizations computational part by drawing up construction documents and drawings.

Settlement of the utmost importance.Self-built chimney without accompanying documentation is prohibited.

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Several varieties

boiler chimney typical constructions As we said above, it is important to know the type of construction.To date, the main varieties include:

  • Chimneys boiler classic.It looks like a column of steel, whose base is filled in the foundation design.It occurs most often due to its easy installation.
  • Reinforced boiler chimneys, with bulky truss tubes - are industry and is in almost every city.Characterized by its power at the expense of self-supporting foundation of the farm, which is joined to the anchor basket.
  • simplified version - consists of Borovka and chimney.It can be seen in the settlements without a central heating system.
  • Mast type - a complex structure in which pipes are attached to the frame with reinforced column of stretch marks.
  • Chimney tube boiler as a facade element.Serve everything for fireplaces or chimneys.Mounted on brackets to the frame.

In addition to all of these reasons, there are a Single-barrel and double-barreled tube flue for the boiler.

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