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August 12, 2017 18:08

Use of asbestos pipes for chimney

Asbestos pipe as a chimney and its dangerous side

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Chimney of asbestos-cement pipes installed quite easily.However, you should familiarize yourself with the negative side, before proceeding to such purchase.Let us consider some of the nuances:

  1. porous material is asbestos in a condensation occurrence, absorbs a moisture.If the condensate will be aggressive substances, the chimney wall and absorb them, leading to rapid destruction of the structure.
  2. Adjustment of asbestos pipes is done by couplings, which include rubber seals.At certain temperatures, the seals tend to deform or even burn.In this regard, it may be thrust suction worsens.Sometimes, because of this, the combustion products to penetrate into the room.

Have you ever seen a fire involving the usual slate?It is also made with asbestos.When exposed to high temperatures, it is with a great noise, like a fire, cracks and scatters in different directions, and at a decent distance.Of course, asbestos pipe for the chimney is much thicker than

the slate, but the high temperature affects them negatively, even devastating effect.At three hundred degrees Celsius, the chimney starts to crack.In the best case, the particles fly off from the surface of the material.

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On this basis, we can identify hazards by using a chimney made of asbestos.

  1. Under the influence of high temperatures, the flue may break and cause mechanical injury means people around.
  2. chimney gap may cause a fire.
  3. formation of cracks in the chimney can cause penetration of combustion products into the room, or will reduce the thrust of the sealing element burnout.

Of course, considering all the features of this material, asbestos-cement pipes can be applied with a reasonable approach to business.It is not recommended to install them as a heating equipment, which works with wood or coal, because in these conditions, the processed gas temperature is much higher.However, if the chimney pipe of asbestos is at a considerable distance from the boiler or furnace, the installation is quite possible, as the intermediate or final sections.

Frequent use of asbestos cement pipes is observed in the form of drawing or assembly used in gas water heating column, where are the removal system of the combustion products.In both the first and second embodiment, the temperature rarely reaches a critical value.

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Making asbestos cement pipes safer when using

For chimney, the easiest way to make a sandwich asbestos pipe.It is a closed system with insulation and outer casing.

Let's look at the advantages of using this design:

  1. Possible condensation reduces insulated upper part of the chimney, and then the pipe will be maintained much longer.
  2. Sealed design gives the outer contour (most often it is made of galvanized metal).Due to this, even if the seals burn through, the house will not get the products of combustion.
  3. outer shell will not scatter the fragments in the event of a pipe break.
  4. asbestos pipes in the enclosure does not emit any harmful substances into the room.
  5. attractive appearance.

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This is the most reliable construction.Ultimately, a number of shortcomings can be found in any building material, the most important thing to know about them and be able to calculate their relation to the merits.

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