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August 12, 2017 18:08

Technical characteristics of HDPE pipes : diameters , sizes


329 - diameter - pipe - HDPE - 1

HDPE Almost everyone knows that with the help of organic ethylene gas produced classical polyethylene polymerization.Under certain conditions, the gas molecules of the polymer chain created, thus forming a unique product.IPA is made almost in the same way, just set the exact pressure and temperature values, which supports a pressure chamber.In this case, the pressure is 20 atmospheres and a temperature of 150 degrees.

In such conditions, produced a special product, with its own advantages and disadvantages.Let's look at them based on the use of HDPE pipe type:

  • Can withstand a pressure of several tens of atmospheres.The maximum limit 5Mpa.
  • Do meter of pipeline HDPE low weight.Thus, the cubic meter is equal to 900kg.
  • At negative temperatures IPA glaze, and at temperatures above 40 degrees, the tube loses ring cruelty.
  • When heated to 70 degrees, HDPE pipe is increased by only 3%.

As you can see, because of the temperature limitations of HDPE pipe is used for the construction of water

mains with cold or drinking water.Installation is carried out inside buildings or in a trench at a depth below the freezing point.

329 - diameter - pipe - HDPE - 2

Specifications and operating parameters of HDPE pipes

  • to transport water to forty degrees Celsius (cold, drinking water, process water);
  • for transporting liquid or gaseous media in the same temperature range;
  • serve as boxes or insulation for electrical cables.

The main drawback of low pressure polyethylene - a limit working temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.If the temperature of the stick, this pipe lifetime is not lower than 50 years.

on operating conditions, will also affect HDPE grade.To date, the following varieties are used:

  • PE 100, a limit resistance = 10MPa.
  • PE of 80, a limit resistance = 7,5Mpa.
  • PE 63, the limit resistance = 6,3MPa.
  • PE 33, the limit resistance = 3.3 MPa.

For each of them produce a certain number of standard sizes of pipes, thus:

  • made of PE 33 15 sizes;
  • made of PE 63 30 sizes;
  • made of PE 80 34 sizes;
  • made of PE 100 26 sizes.

addition, HDPE pipe is divided into 11 groups according to the ratio SDR.It is equal to the ratio of outer diameter and wall thickness.

329 - diameter - pipe - IPA - 3

country tubular polyethylene of low pressure, their diameters

mix parameters can be viewed in a number of GOST 18599, 2001.Based on this standard document, the key parameters are the pipe diameter and wall thickness.These two indicators are closely linked to the polymer type.For

33 PE HDPE pipe diameter = 10 to 160 mm and wall thickness = 2 to 12 mm.

For PE 100 diameter HDPE pipe from 32mm = 1 m, and the wall thickness = 1 to 59 mm.

to PE 63 and PE 80 HDPE pipe diameter = 16 to 1600 mm and wall thickness = 2 to 67 mm.

329 - diameter - pipe - HDPE - 4

Marking pipes HDPE

Marking Data Communications is located on the outside and includes the following data:

  • Company, which released the product, showing the product standard.
  • title material, indicating the polyethylene grades.
  • figure with an outside diameter, in mm.
  • value with nominal pressure (as may be specified the maximum allowable pressure in MPa).
  • Date of manufacture and batch number.

distinctive feature of this pipeline is a color bar, blue or yellow.

Blue - means that the pipeline should be used for the transportation of water;

Yellow - indicates that the pipeline is designed to transport gas.