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August 12, 2017 18:08

Fittings for soldering copper pipes .Photo instruction .

Standards and types of fittings

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It would not have been a good plastic pipe, but copper pipes are always in demand.In addition to its strength, they can last for over a hundred years.They are not afraid of corrosion and the effects of solar activity, they are not torn from the frozen water, easy to install and bend.This copper pipe and differs from that of steel or polymers.Few people know, but copper is a kind of antiseptic, and therefore is not exposed to disease-causing bacteria are settling down in some water systems.

course, for copper pipes have to install copper fittings.

Nowadays, all the pipes of this material and pipe fittings are manufactured according to these standards:

  • European ISO 9002;
  • English BS2;
  • German DIN.

Where can I use this kind of product:

  • for central heating systems;
  • for installation of cold and hot water supply;
  • for gas distribution systems;
  • device for air conditioning systems.

As for the connecting elements, for the installation of different systems requir

e special fittings: capillary, press connections, with screw connection, compression, self-locking.

capillary fittings, as a kind of connecting element for copper pipes.

This product is perfect for not only copper, but also for the steel pipeline.The design is as follows: within a thread, is tin, silver or copper fine wire.

Consider the brief instructions in this connection mean:

  1. Clean burrs from the ends of connected copper parts.They must be smooth and clean.
  2. Using the brush, apply flux to the end of the pipe.
  3. Insert the copper pipe into the fitting (diameters must match).
  4. Remove excess flux.
  5. Heat the product from all sides to a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius.

from high temperature, the wire melts, filling all the cracks.With the gradual cooling of the joint, producing its sweep, using special formulations for copper.

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Crimp fittings and self-locking, as a kind of connecting element for copper pipes

Crimp (aka compression) fittings for copper pipe, is used in situations where the use of open flames is prohibited to connect the parts.As a material for the manufacture of this type of product used metal-base, steel, brass and copper.

design consists of sealing rings, gaskets and crimping ring that is tightened with a wrench key, creating a seal.

Compression fittings are used to connect different diameter of the pipeline (eg, replacement of high-rise building in a steel pipe to plastic in one of the apartments).

Also, with this task perfectly cope with a self-fitting.It works as follows: the product is placed inside the ring system, and one of them contains barbs.When pressed on a special key ring, the teeth belong to another "O" ring and firmly fixed in it.

To remove the compression fitting, use the same key with which the installation was performed.

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Tips for soldering copper pipe and its advantages

As we mentioned above, copper has a number of advantages, respectively, and copper fittings too.However, the soldering of the pipe to create a stronger connection, capable of withstanding small folds.Therefore, under the influence of external factors, such a compound will not burst, which has a positive impact on the pipeline, which is located in a remote place.To make the solder correctly, follow the following instructions:

  1. Clean up metallic glitter dust and dirt from the edges of the parts.
  2. Degrease the edge;
  3. Carefully check the clearances and location details;
  4. When soldering pipes made of copper and steel, use a flux.When brazing flux of copper products is not required.

In addition, there is a push-in connection.The principle of operation resembles the capillary and press fittings, only instead of the wire is an artificial fiber.Thanks Press ticks, such a connection becomes tight.

As you can see, the selection of fasteners should be done carefully and thoughtfully.It is undesirable to use when connecting to different lines on the material.With proper selection and correct installation of your system will be of high quality and will last for many many years.

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