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August 12, 2017 18:08

Mount plastic pipes using different fittings

advantages and features of installation

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Let's see why when assembling heating system or water supply system is used fittings.It should be said that metalloplastikovyytruboprovod is good not only for their durability but also the installation and disassembly easy.Applying fitting element in the form of joint design, you get the following advantages:

  • communication convenient repair.Repair and replacement of any element of the system is very fast with minimal effort.
  • Installation of the connecting element takes a little time.So, people have been doing for such work, be able to supply one connection in less than one minute.
  • Mounting plastic pipes according to the method excludes the presence of complex and expensive equipment.It is enough to have two keys.

This type of installation is used not only at home but also in industrial plants, where the transport of liquid or gaseous medium.

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If we consider the installation of plastic pipe fitting by the method of fixation, it is possible to classif

y the product into three subgroups:

first group: Split.To fix the collet assembly is used with a screw pair.

second group: Compression.To fix the used ferrule and nut assembly.

third group: One-piece.Fixing takes place by means of pressing.

As you can see, all of these sub-groups differ only in the mounting process.Now, it should be said about the lineup.Although producers differentiate between the following categories:

  • Shaped fittings.With their help it is possible to perform a pipeline bypass without using the dock;
  • Fittings locking type.Are valves, faucets and all valves.
  • fittings or cross-tees.Used for branching and pipeline tie-ins.
  • coupling fittings - designed for joining two pipes.

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few rules for good mounting fittings when installing plastic pipes

Setting various fittings involves the use of different installation technologies.To deal with the details of each of them, it is necessary to know some rules and regulations.

installation technology releasable fitting.

It is good that the system made in this way, it is easy to carry out as the mounting and dismounting of elements.In this product, metal body with a threaded external thread at the ends, there is a mounting nut and split ring, worn on the tube.To perform the installation, you should follow this guide:

  1. Cut the pipe at right angles;
  2. Disassemble the product into its constituent elements;
  3. Put the pipe nut and the mounting ring;
  4. Slide parts for 5-10 cm from the end of the pipe.;
  5. Screw body fitting into the pipe end (the edge should rest in a groove);
  6. Move the mounting nut and split ring to the point of contact and the housing pipe.
  7. Place the ring into the nut;
  8. Thread the nut onto the body of the connecting element using spanner.
  9. Perform circular crimp tube for leaks.

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installation technology compression fitting.

The main body of this product is the external thread, and it includes a compression ring and union nut.A distinctive feature is that the compression product is assembled once.Dismantling is not recommended.

Installation is very practical because, as in the previous version.

  1. Cut the pipe at right angles, and calibrate the end;
  2. Put the union nut and ferrule.
  3. Insert the connector housing;
  4. Mount ring over the place of the contact nozzle, pursing his nut.

As a result, the design is attached to the socket crimp force from the screw pair.

installation technology press fitting.

This installation differs from the previous ones.Products also consists of a body with thread, with hose, but instead of the union nuts on the ends of the sleeve is used, serving as pressing the contact point of the fitting and the pipe.

to install this technology in there you need to have a hydraulic press machine.

  1. Cut the pipe at right angles;
  2. Process Calibrator end, thereby aligning slice and removing the facet from the edges;
  3. Put sleeve;
  4. Firmly insert the connector fitting body in the end of the pipe;
  5. Place connection in a vise press machine;
  6. Zapressuyte.

With this method, the coupling member dismounting impossible, but it is, it provides substantially 100% sealing.

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