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August 12, 2017 18:08

Connecting plastic pipes using fittings

What is the metal fittings for plastic pipes sewage

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In more understandable words, the metal fitting is the element through which implement the network configuration of the pipes.Thanks to him, a specialist makes the necessary branching and bending.At the same time, distinguish two kinds of fittings:

  • lines (connecting pipe of the same diameter);
  • transition (connecting pipeline of different diameters);
  • As you can see, they allow you to increase or decrease the diameter of the plastic pipe in the right place.In addition, they can be used to provide:
  • pipe connection in two directions;
  • pipe bend at different angles;

most popular is fitting for polyethylene pipe welding.It is pushed onto the pipe and the junction is heated soldering iron, which ultimately yields the continuous casting is not strength.One minus - a fitting can not be used a second time.

Compression Fittings as a way of heating the plastic pipe connections.

The main advantage of this product - the installation does not requ

ire special tools.To install it correctly and accurately enough to use arm strength.

On view are two conventional clamping nut and rubber gaskets wearing on the body.Nuts must be screwed onto the pipe ends threaded.It's pretty simple, as most of them have hooks or relief surface, so that the product does not slip even with wet hands with a twist.The rubber gasket with tight tightened, prevents leakage at the connection.

design connected in this way can be easily disassembled.More often than not, used for the surface linings of the pipeline (eg, in the country), in the event that the system can be disassembled and hidden.

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Press fittings and brief information about them

When their installation using a minimal amount of equipment.Product looks like a housing with two sleeves and gaskets which are pressed onto the ends of the plastic pipes to be connected.

itself Pressing is carried out using special pressing jaws, which sleeve is pushed.If you do not make every effort in this process, expect a leak.

have this type of product has anti-static ring, and hence at a potential difference of the two materials charge will not accumulate.The advantages should include easy installation without the use of electricity, and a high bonding strength.

If you need to disassemble the pipeline, use again the press jaws, but when re-installing the installer every shot exactly fitting into place (for it is better to number the each product).

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strong connection using electric fittings

This type of product provides the most reliable connection.This body, with built-in copper heating elements, each of which has an output for an electric heater.Uniform heating of the supply provides electrical current to the outputs.As a result, you get a solid and high-quality weld.

list the main advantages of this connection:

  • when reheated, the pipeline is easy to separate;
  • high reliability as that of one-piece construction;
  • high speed of installation;
  • installation can be performed remotely, ie,on the spot to which it is difficult to get your hands;
  • quick repair;
  • welding process is allowed in automatic mode;
  • fitting to recognize, you can use the bar code on the package.

Fittings made of brass, alternatively

connection Most often, this type of product is mounted on a threaded connection.It is more durable than the plastic sample.Brass is also sometimes used in the press fittings.

The variety of these products, allows the installation of the most unusual designs.Brass fittings have a number of advantages:

  • used to extend the pipeline;
  • an option to install the structure in the stretch;
  • brass, platinum coated, inert to hot and cold water;
  • structure can be cleaned with acid, as brass is not subject to its influence;
  • this type of product is used for the pipe exposed to during the vibrations (for example, perfectly suited for new buildings).

This item works on the principle of a tightening ring made of a soft material, the twist crimp nuts.As a material used for the manufacture of plastic or brass.When installing the equipment is not required weight, is sufficient to apply the arm strength and have left two wrenches.If there is a pipe break, namely the compression fitting to cope with such a problem is best, regardless of what material the pipe is made.

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