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August 12, 2017 18:08

Features of the connection of plastic pipes fittings American women

Ways of polypropylene pipes

325 American - fitting 1

Polypropylene - a fully synthetic type of material, structural characteristics which are thermoplastic and softness.Because of these features for joining plastic pipes require special fasteners.What can happen if we apply the usual methods that are suitable for steel or cast iron pipes.Thus, compression fasteners deform the pipe and threaded fails to provide the integrity and strength.

And then you come to the aid of the so-called American, whose name is common to several species fittings (coupler, crane, area), having in its construction union nut.

325 American - fitting - 2

There are several types of connections and fittings polypropylene tubes.Each of these options depends on the species of the American design of the fitting.

  • clutch, which is carved out.It is used for connecting plastic and steel pipes in water supply systems.
  • Coupling with female thread.It is used similarly to the first view.
  • clutch simultaneously with internal and external thread.Used for hot and cold pipeline, and t
    he heating system;
  • Corner is ideal for use in areas with limited access, and forms an angle (knee) 30,45 or 90 degrees;

Separately consider another type of locking device -amerikanki - ball valves and corner.Mounted such a device using an ordinary wrench, which is in every house.Besides angled crane replaces the multiple connections.


advantages of using American

This versatile fastener applied to jointing iron, steel, metal, copper and plastic pipes.

Moreover, with regard to the latter type of pipe - the American is simply irreplaceable element having a plurality of positive factors:

  • If necessary, disconnect the pipe into pieces, simply unscrew the fitting with thread;
  • Connection pipes and fittings is done by winding the nuts at the same time on the two parts, allowing you to keep yourself stationary design.This feature makes installation and an American this demand during plumbing manipulation.
  • Using special rubber gasket makes such a connection sealed and durable;
  • The possibility of repeated use of parts;
  • Maintenance and repairs do not require the use of special equipment;
  • Allows interconnect polypropylene pipes of different diametrical sizes.

325 American - fitting - 4

sizes of fittings for polypropylene pipes

for mounting various communication systems made of plastic often used pipe whose diameter ranges from 20 to 40 mm.But at the same diametric size for fitting such items may be up to 110 mm, and such elements are used to splicing of large pipelines.In everyday life is most often used polypropylene pipes and fittings to them with a size of 20 - 30 mm.

correctly and accurately select the fastening element, which must match the diameter of the pipe diameter, sgonki you can do yourself.Therefore, buying such products, consult with experts, and pay attention to the markings.

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