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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to insert a glass window - carry out painstaking operation

How to insert glass - a set of works

Most often this element of the decor insert another in the construction and finishing works.This material not only decorate the doors and windows, and verandas, translucent walls, greenhouses, etc.But what if your life suddenly appeared serene broken glass, which needs to be replaced?

glass insert consists of the following operations :

  • preparation for cutting;
  • cutting;
  • cutting and breaking;
  • installation and nailing glass.

Before inserting glass in a door or window, it must be cut .To do this, it needs to be well cleaned.Otherwise, dirty, with traces of fat, it will be difficult to resist the effects of the instrument, resulting in a bad and can be cut at a breaking crack.Therefore, you need to wipe the sheet on both sides with a cloth and wash with a solution of baking soda if necessary.

glass marking Secrets to install

Glass Named from the cold, you need to stand in a warm room before cutting, and then wipe with a cloth or paper.Careful cutting r

esidues can be used for other purposes, such as photo frames.During cutting, keep in mind that in the cover folds should be three-quarters of the width covered with glass.

gap between the edge of the fold and the edge of the web should be not less than 2 mm.For example, if the space between the seam binding, 600 mm width and 900 mm in length, then the inserted blade must be 595-597 mm and 895-897 mm, then it will fit freely between the seam and will not break down when wet and swell the wood.

to gently insert the glass into the interior doors or windows, you need to use a good tool.For example, cutting is necessary to use a sharp glass cutter.To check should be carried out on a small piece of it.If the band remaining on the surface rough and white, then the tool is not suitable for cutting.And if you remain thin and colorless line, it means that the tool is sharp and cuts well.

How to insert a glass?

sheet should be placed on the table, after placing it on the product drawing.Straight line is better to cut a wooden ruler.Start cutting should be at the far edge and lead along the line roller, while pressing evenly on the canvas.Then you need to gently break it on the cut line.

Insert the glass in the balcony door or window is necessary before painting.Rebated binding remove all dirt and old grease, wash all right.Before insert glass window in a new frame, it must first be proolifit.It is important to remember not to wet osteklyat bindings.

welts on the surface is applied to two-millimeter layer of putty.It provides a thorough fit fabric, leveling depressions and bumps.Also, do to it in strong winds not vibrate, and the water in the rain from getting inside, and not conducive to rotting bindings.

glass first put on the bottom edge of falets, then a little pressed for uniform distribution of putty rebate that it covers them by about 80%.Between the frame and the canvas should remain a gap not greater than 2 mm.

The beadings need to fill small nails without hats in increments of 25 mm.Then hammer the frame glazing beads, pressed them painting.Got out from under the glazing beads remove putty with a spatula.Now that you know how to insert the glass into the frame, you can safely do without the professional and do all the work yourself.