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August 12, 2017 18:08

Log houses made ​​of logs - home of ecological materials

Characteristics House

Log cabin house from logs retains heat much longer than a brick house.The temperature in this structure perfectly controlled, moreover, the air therein is always fresh.Log houses made of logs look beautiful and elegant, both outside and inside.Due to the natural appeal of wood, this house has an unusual appearance.

Inside it is possible to decorate a little so as to preserve pristine, or leave the walls as they are.The only drawback of a wooden house is that you can move into it only after 3-6 months.This time is necessary to log shrinkage occurred.

Important!To avoid the negative impact of insects on the frame, it is necessary to process the logs with a special compound.


carcass construction technology combines ancient traditions and modern achievements of science.That is why the assembly of a log house made of logs should be performed by experienced craftsmen.Once the device is manufactured and sealing the basement, you need to antiseptified laying planks.Co

nstruction of log must be carried out strictly according to the assembly drawing.At the same time we should not forget about some of the features:

  • fixed insulation (Jute cloth) in a longitudinal groove in front of the log stacking;
  • crowns log fastened together pegs made of wood, and the need to comply with the order of chess every 1-1.5 meters.This will provide the structural strength and eliminate the offset of logs;
  • remember the bond joints with steel brackets.They are invisible to the tenant, but may be formed without gaps, resulting in reduction of heat in the building;
  • when the roof truss system device, you must take into account all the peculiarities of the wooden structure design, that is, its shrinkage and "mobility".

specifications logs

Build log of logs is the fastest way to build your house, and due to the quality of the material, provided the comfort and reliability of construction.Round logs has the following characteristics:

  • perfectly smooth and rounded shape of the material;
  • maximum possible density of connections between the components;
  • high rates of resistance to weather conditions;
  • low rates of heat conduction.

logs produced in our country, meet European standards, whereby logs diameter range does not exceed the difference of 2 mm and the average diameter of the logs of Russian production is 200-280 mm.

Important!Construction of houses from round logs over all European technology, in compliance with Russian requirements and standards.Typically

calibrated wood products are subject to minimum deformation during the construction, and their shrinkage is performed uniformly over the entire length.This is possible only if the timber have the same diameter, high surface quality, and carcass assembly by experienced specialists.

microclimate in a wooden house has a positive effect on the occupants.And due to the fact that the timber in close contact with each other, does not form gaps between them.The walls have low rates of heat conduction, which allows saving time in just a few hours to heat the room.