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August 12, 2017 18:08

Trees covered with varnish or magical transformation

value painting and initial training

coating varnish wooden surfaces underscores and highlights the natural warmth and features of a particular tree species.On the one hand, such treatment provides additional protecting and decorative surface.But at the same time, some types of natural varnish close the pores of the material, preventing the release of natural volatile production, odors, etc.

Furthermore, before lacquered wood, it is necessary to prepare the surface.From thoroughness of the preparatory work determines the final appearance of the surface and the term of the lacquer coating.

procedure for preparatory work includes several stages.The first one - the surface alignment.Different products may be processing using a plane planer, jointer or cycle.The use of modern power tools greatly reduce the time and effort at this stage of the work.If in the process found rotten areas and knots, they are cut with a chisel and mallet (mallet).

In their place glued insert of the same breed, preferably cho

sen by drawing the fibers, aslacquer on wood accentuate the disparity areas undergoing such repairs, the total figure wooden surface.

entire surface carefully polished with sandpaper with different grits sequentially change the coarse-grained abrasives.Prerequisite to the subsequent processing of wood varnish gave a good result - grinding is carried out in the direction along the fiber.Having a flat, smooth, clean and silky smooth surface with a uniform gloss, initial (rough) finish grinding.

final preparation for varnishing wood

After primary grinding by means of a foam sponge surface evenly moistened with a little water with the addition of wood glue.After drying for three hours of fine-grained sandpaper held finishing grinding to rise from the surface of the pile.This procedure can be repeated up to three times, depending on the hardness of the wood.

After the final finish grinding the entire surface is carefully cleaned from fine dust.We must remember that the treatment of lacquer tree to identify all deficiencies and negligence committed in the preparatory work.In particular, this dust will be visible on the surface of the lacquer in the form of irregularities and bumps, spoil the appearance of the product.Eliminate these flaws in the future will be more difficult and more expensive.

Speaking of preparatory work, not to mention the tint or stain the surface beneath the varnish.It can be done on request and can give additional decorative materials, imitation of rocks and so on. If you are going to perform toning softwood, it must obessmolit.For this purpose, the surface is wiped by a swab benzene, acetone or soda solution.

For tinting ebony wood is better suited pear, maple or birch.Under the well-toned plum walnut, aspen, pine.A toned mahogany best beech, walnut or lime.Carrying out work on toning, you need to know that pre-heated to 50 ◦S toner is better absorbed into the structure of the material.After rendering, the product is well dried at a temperature up to 20 ◦S.It is not allowed dry in the sun or using heaters.The dried product is thoroughly wiped sukonkoy (light polishing).

varnish application - features and practical advice

Soviets, how to apply varnish on wood, set.This is best done after the final priming and shpatlevanija surface.The last operation may be required to eliminate the pores and microcracks.This training will significantly reduce varnish consumption and improve the condition of the surface.

Priming may be carried out using paraffin, beeswax or rosin dissolved in turpentine, purified alcohol or gasoline.The application of the primer composition is carried out using a stiff brush with a short nap.Thereafter, the composition is rubbed strongly sukonkoy.Drying required as in the tinting.If the surface is necessary to apply putty, her well dry and grind the methods described above.

painting lacquer wood is made from a swab of cotton wool wrapped in gauze or linen cloth.Such tampons need a few, so it is better to prepare in advance.Lac poured in a tampon or "charging" into it from below.Movement of the tampon when varnishing must walk along the fibers, overlapping the edges of the previous stroke.

We can not allow sagging and sagging, carefully rub the nail.Covering wooden floor varnish is not fast.Application of the first layer ends its drying (about an hour).Then, the polishing cloth with fine grain, sukonkoy Final sanding and careful dust cleaning.The next layer of varnish is applied to the new ball.

if necessary after drying is done polishing and cleaning sukonkoy.Mandatory final stage - wood varnish coating the last layer.The final drying is carried out at the doors and windows closed to avoid air traffic and hit a random dust.