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August 12, 2017 18:08

MDF : sheet size , density , thermal conductivity and other characteristics

fiberboard sheet: production method

raw material for the production of this material is wood processing and waste (wood chips, shavings).All this is mixed with glue and compressed under pressure at high temperature.Also add some other ingredients: paraffin, synthetic resins, preservatives, ceresin.Depending on the environment, where the molding material, recovered two methods of production: "wet" and "dry".

first method is characterized in that all of the available raw material soaked in water.There also, depending on which properties the material shall have added components.This may be gypsum, emulsion of wax, synthetic resins, rosin, asphalt, asbestos, and others.Further, the composition is molded, compacted, dewatered.Then the corresponding plates are separated again and dried, and pressed.In this case, one side laminated boards or cached, and the second sand.

In the second method, water is not used.All components, including binders, are mixed.Next, move to a special shape.pressing process is car

ried out at a lower pressure and high temperature.As a result, the tiles are formed with a smooth surface (both sides).However, the structure inside the material more porous and friable.For presentable kind fiberboard treated with stain, or tinted varnish (available for wood flooring).

Types fiberboard

produce this material in accordance with GOST 4598-86.Depending on the manufacturing method, as well as the destination, the plate can be divided into soft, semi-hard, super-hard, ennobled. first among the benefits have a high porosity, among shortcomings - low strength.It is therefore most often used in construction for heat and sound insulation.As they are not suitable as a base material.

The latter are used for the manufacture of furniture (rear walls and drawers).It is proved by the fact that their density is much higher.Consequently, the durability.Because they are capable of withstanding heavy loads than the first.Still others have a high density, that speaks of good quality (this is their main advantage).Also among the advantages of ease of handling can be identified and ease of installation.

They are often purchased in order to subsequently make them of doors, containers, partitions, arch of fiberboard.It is also an excellent material for floor coverings.Fourth - sanitized - processed dye, and then cached or laminated.It is also sometimes applied to the surface pattern which can simulate wood.Among the main advantages - primarily decorative.Of the minuses - the inability to use in all cases.

apply plate data for finishing walls and ceilings, as well as the creation of furniture.A separate group can be considered LDVP (laminated).That is an ordinary sheet of fiberboard coated special composition of melamine resins.Such material is distinguished not only by increased moisture resistance, and durability.

characteristics and properties of fiberboard

fiberboard has a number of properties.Firstly, not exposed to deformation , i.e. does not warp or swells with time.Secondly, has high moisture resistance .Thirdly, like wood, has environmental safety .And, fourthly, it durable .If we talk about the characteristics, it is possible to identify the following:

  • size is 2745h1220h3,2 mm.
  • density - about 850-1100 kg / m³.
  • Humidity - from 4 to 10%.
  • Thermal conductivity - from 0.046 to 0.093 W / mK.

should also be said about the size.The fact that the width - the parameter is constant (3.2 mm).But the length and height may vary.Thus, in addition to the standard size 2745h1220 mm, can also be 2745h1700, 2140h1220, 2440x1220 mm.Select it depending on the area of ​​a finished surface.Clearly, it is possible to choose the small balcony panel.For the walls of the room needed much larger in size hardboard.

Other parameters are directly dependent on the type of fiberboard.To properly select a suitable enough to come into the store and tell the sales assistant, the purposes for which the material is needed.In accordance with this, and they will be given advice on buying.