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August 12, 2017 18:08

Concrete with your hands : what components are needed in the production ?

Select brand concrete

Before thinking how to make concrete, it is important to select the appropriate brand, which shows the compressive strength, measured in MPa.The higher the score, the higher the quality.When choosing a brand you need to consult a specialist, because each of them is designed for a particular type of work.For example, if you need concrete for structures that require high precision and reliability, suitable M350.

It is used for the construction of the foundations, floor slabs, walls, beams and other things.By the way, earlier in the same order used brand M250, M300, but now they are not as popular as the previous one (due to the lower performance).In that case, if your building is not so responsibly and to do the groundwork for the utility room, blind area, the track will suit the concrete M200.Well, to primary, preparatory work is often chosen the M-100 and M-150 (for the manufacture of monolithic slabs).

on brands like M400, M500 can not even watch.They are only used for large-s

cale projects (construction of dams, bridges, waterworks).In addition to the brand, it is also important to pay attention to other factors: frost resistance, water resistance.The first parameter is the number of cycles of freezing-thawing, and is denoted by the letter «F».The second indicator indicates that a water pressure is able to withstand the concrete cover.His designation is expressed by the letter «W».

Select the placeholder

Once you have decided on concrete brand, is to choose the right placeholder.That it creates a rigid frame, which when drying will keep the shape of the product.For example, in the construction of a dwelling house or garage should be used only fillers of natural origin. These include sand, gravel, crushed stone, stone. main requirement to a solid component (gravel, stone, crushed rock) is the absence of any synthetic particles and dust.

sand must not contain parts of clay, as it has a plastic structure that adversely affects the concrete solution.It is better if it is alluvial sand.Also, there is a separation by size of all materials (grain value).For example, the same desirable to use coarse sand, fine-grained than.Sometimes doing a mixture of both, since the first (coarse grain) has a high cost.Well, and the latter in some cases can still be employed artificial aggregate (this may be slag).

Note!If you build a dwelling, you buy all the natural aggregates.Artificial can be used in the construction of sheds, barns.

concrete with their hands Making

All materials are ready, there is the main question - how to make concrete with their hands?As it turned out, cook it is not so difficult. For this need the following components: cement, gravel, sand, water.All this stir in the following ratio: 1: 2: 3 (cement, sand, gravel). first mixed sand and cement, as these two ingredients are friable structure.

Then water is added.It must be long enough to obtain a homogeneous mass.That is, pour it into the composition until uniform.Only then can we put gravel and add water again.Number it almost impossible to measure since it depends on the concrete used your brand and quality of fillers.

Because the main recommendation: add it slowly a small stream, until the mixture will become homogeneous state.In the process of mixing concrete mixer can be used.However, it should be bought only if you expected large-scale construction.If you intend to build a normal garage, you can do without it (through the process manually).