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August 12, 2017 18:08

How much better wallpaper vinyl than any other ?

What good vinyl wallpaper - compare and analyze

If you want to stick to the walls clean vinyl - most likely, it will be siding as vinyl wallpaper, washable and ordinary, are only on the basis of a different material, ie double layer.The substrate can be both paper and non-woven, however, these materials are related, so both quite successfully used in production.Wallpaper for the kitchen Vinyl best to choose with the highest density, glossy, as this material is tolerant to moisture and allows for cleaning using detergent.

The rooms vinyl wallpaper for the walls look very colorful, considering the variety of options for the finished design.In addition, very popular screen printing, ie vinilizovannaya paper, embossed at high temperatures.After this treatment, the material acquires silk luster, while it is thin enough, but at the same time durable. most durable option - solid vinyl affected by evaporation .It summarizes all of these wall coverings is one drawback - low breathability.

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis: their advantages and disadvantages

Fleece - a fiber fabric with the addition of cellulose, formed in a rather thin, but dense leaves, often this material is found in the form of wallpaper.In fact, vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis - a combination of two different wall coverings, more precisely, improving by one connection to another.By themselves, non-woven strip is not a great variety of patterns, as their texture is achieved by stamping, for which you want to do special stamps.With coated as a second layer of vinyl design variations becomes much more.

To perform finishing Non-woven wallpaper with a base, it is necessary to smear glue only to the wall, the strip of material should be applied to the prepared surface is dry.

Vinyl wallpaper Non-woven have high strength, the substrate is fully retains its properties and high humidity in the room is not deformed.Also, the coating property becomes substrate material, which exactly adheres to the wall, regardless of its curvature.On the other hand, lack of the material constituting the top layer also occurs, the air permeability deteriorates wallpaper.Therefore, if the choice is before you, take non-woven wallpaper and vinyl, take the first, if you do not mind design modesty, painted the same can both cover.

Vinyl wallpaper on paper as an alternative to traditional

If you want to diversify the process of repair design in the rooms, try to arrange your own wall coverings.Moreover, in this case you will need wallpaper.Just do not take a traditional paper.Of course, you can paint them, but if you "overdo it" with an abundance of color scheme, and now the web is swollen, absorbing moisture, and slowly began to peel away from the wall.Approximately it will look like the sequence of events when inept approach to the dyeing process.Another thing - Vinyl wallpaper on paper.

be glued such material in a standard way, that is, the canvas is covered with a prepared adhesive mass, and then applied to the wall and smoothed.But after drying of wall coverings fun begins - namely painting. on vinyl water-based and oil-based paints are usually borne well, with a few exceptions .However, if you do not feel the creative flair of the artist, but do not lack talent designer - buy vinyl wallpapers, this option will allow you to effectively arrange the room without having to take up roller and brush.