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August 12, 2017 18:08

Clay solution furnace - how to make the most important ingredient for a home ?

Details on solutions

clay mixture has one drawback - the intolerance of moisture, and therefore only used for laying the main body of the furnace.For this part of the chimney is absolutely not suitable.According to their type they are fat, normal and thin.

  • Bold solution.It has good flexibility, but dries much cracking.
  • Skinny solution.He almost plastic, it crumbles easily and is very fragile.
  • Normal solution.If properly combine the binder component and a filler, the composition is practically not crack upon drying, a minimum draft.It is this mixture is recommended for masonry stoves.

clay composition solution is another important factor - the density.Properly prepared composition must be homogeneous, i.e. there should be no areas with one or clay filler.Its density in consistency resembles sour cream, and it's very easy to check.During bricklaying composition should be squeezed out easily under the weight of the material itself or by lightly pressing her hand to him.

Note!The composition of the

solution must be selected with sand the grains is not more than 1 millimeter.


solution now answer the question, how to prepare clay solution.It is done in several ways.If the clay is not very fat, and its clumps are easily broken, it is easier to cook on the striker.Boyko - a boardwalk with the size of 1.2 x 1.5 meters.Doing makeup in the ash is prohibited, because in the process it will be blended to the ground.Thus, the firing pin is poured onto the sand, which is pre-sifted.

middle layer should be thin, and the roller is at the edges.The indentations poured clay, and filled with water.To good to get wet, the clay must be to lie there for at least a day.In this connection, to do better soak the night before.The next day, the mixture shovel and wrinkled until all lumps are broken up.

Next preparing a clay solution is raking it in a bunch of long - bed of 300-350 millimeters thick.Wooden paddle strokes are applied and removed all the stones and other impurities.After that, a bunch of mixed again, raked and wrinkled.This is done at least 3-4 times.

When all ingredients are well mixed and there will be lumps, water is added and all is well again to shovel.the quality of the mixture is checked during this process.Try willingness to touch: if felt when grinding rough layer of grains of sand, and not the individual grains of sand in a slippery film, the composition can be considered ready.

Note!Clay in the solution should be enough to make it fill the entire space between the sand and created the foundation.

How to elevate the furnace?

We looked at how to make clay mortar for masonry oven, but it is often necessary to grout the oven.It has both decorative and practical value.Clay plaster solution is prepared as follows.

As well soggy clay are added to the sawdust.This should be done in small portions while stirring carefully, otherwise formed breasts, which will complicate the work.Water pours as needed.The consistency should be not too thick, but not liquid.You can check this by squeezing in his fist - a solution must be easy to slip through his fingers, but without separation of water.

Important!A mixture of sawdust slowly releases moisture, so dry, it will be much longer than the clay mortar for masonry oven.

To prepare amiss wet and dry sawdust.But here there are some nuances.Dry sawdust absorb moisture and swell.In this regard, to make a final solution for plaster of dry sawdust is not recommended.This solution dries after its application, swell and crack, resulting in the need to make another layer.