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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to repair or replace the faucet


  • 1 crane Replacing
  • 2 Change faucet in the bathroom
  • 3 repair plumbing in the kitchen
    • 3.1 Video on how to repair grambuksu

Mixerin the bathroom or in the kitchen it is one of the most important functional elements of every home.But often happens to him all sorts of trouble in the form of leaks from many different places, even those of which she had not expected at all.In this case it is possible to repair the mixer with their own hands.Let's look at common problems in the repair and replacement crane grambuksy.

There are several types of breakdowns mixers that can be eliminated without replacement.But it depends on its construction and the materials from which it is made.In commercially available as a high-quality products made of thick metal alloys and imitations of well-known brands that fail much faster than expected.In this case, help is only a replacement of the mixer in the bathroom with their hands.Especially since that is where he is most likely to fail, because the

re is usually a long jib, which is very often inadvertently breaks, folds, or anything else of the sort.But, fortunately, the mixer consists of functional modules, the replacement of which can be avoided by buying a new unit.For example, the replacement of only one crane.

crane Replacing

To change the faucet in the bathroom, do not require professional skills of plumbing.It is enough to have an idea of ​​how you need to keep an adjustable or open-end wrench in his hands, and the crane should okruchivaet which way.Naturally, before replacement, it must first buy.But given the huge diversity both in their structure and form, it is advisable to take the old faucet parts with each other and to acquire the same.Today on sale there are two types of them:

  1. screw with rubber gaskets;
  2. ceramic slotted.

    Types Books

    Types Books

To change the valve of the upper part you will need the following set of tools:

  1. screwdriver (flat or curly);
  2. awl, a thin screwdriver or another, but a solid object;
  3. wrench or union.

The first thing you need to repair the faucet shut off the water supply.Further, by using a thin tool gently remove the decorative cap to the lamb.This is done quite easily and effortlessly.Then bolt unscrewed and removed from the crane lamb shank.At this stage, it has opened access for unscrewing the axlebox.Using the key, it unscrewed from the mixer.Next, clean the threads of the old sealant or sealant and wipe with a dry cloth.Inspect the condition of the edge of the nest, where the new valve is installed.When assembling all actions are performed in reverse order, but do not forget the seal, which is wound on itself in the course of the thread tap.Here it do not need much, because there is also a factory supplied gasket.Each bush can have a different core thickness, the liner form and thread pitch.All this must be taken into account and remember when buying a new one.

How to change the valve if the ball type?In this type of device technology is a bit different.The first step is to remove the top handle.It can be mounted in different ways: from the front or from above.You will need shestigrnanny key or screwdriver.Having turned out with the help of the locking screw, lever up fairly easily removed from the print cartridge.Next, you need a special key to unscrew the old locking mechanism and install a new one.Unfortunately, they can not be repaired, and if enough of the cheap mixer is impossible to unscrew.

Change faucet in the bathroom

often impossible to solve the leak problem by replacing the crane, and then have to resort to a more large-scale works - replacement of the entire assembly.

Driving mixer assembly

scheme mixer assembly

How to change the faucet in the bathroom?The answer to this question is quite simple.But to accomplish this, it is necessary to have some understanding of its design and operation.Also, you must have wit, because the devices from different manufacturers have their own characteristics in the design.In addition, during its installation should be the most careful with chrome-plated brass parts.

To replace the faucet in the bathroom need the following an example set of tools and parts:

  1. wrench or a pair of keys 24 to 27. It depends on the design of the mixer;
  2. new mixer.
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With all of the above stock can get to work.Here are the basic steps:

  • First shut off the flow of hot and cold water;
  • Then, using an adjustable spanner or unscrew the faucet mounting nuts to the pipes;
  • Remove decorative skirts that hide protruding from the wall fittings, they are mounted on a special bracket;
  • The next step is to thoroughly clean the remnants of the old sealant with a threaded connection and the new reel.The tape FUM or sealant can be as him.

tape necessary to wind in the course of the thread, so that when screwing back it did not happen zakusyvanie.Also, do not forget about the pads, which are included.If not, you should purchase.Silicone should be fine for this purpose.When tightening the screws into place it is necessary to exercise extreme care to avoid damaging the decorative coating.You can put a turnkey piece of cloth.

Assembly Diagram crane

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repair plumbing in the kitchen

Kitchen - a frequently visited place in the house or in an apartment, so the mixer is most subject to wear.Replacing the mixer in the kitchen with his hands may be required for two reasons:

  1. premature wear;
  2. mismatch new interior.

If faulty old blender, then do not rush to spend money to buy new, because there is a possibility to repair the valve.So often the question arises: "How to change the tap in the kitchen?".However, the answer is quite simple and can be solved using the same method as in the case of the bath.

Mixer in the kitchen

faucet in the kitchen

To change the tap in the kitchen all need the same set of instruments as in the case of the bathroom.There may be differences in the design of the mixing unit in the absence of a spray hose.With regard to practicality, there can be used as rubber gaskets screw boxes, and with ceramic inserts.The main thing that at the input of water into housing had a strainer.It largely prevents all sorts of dirt and rust under the locking insert and cuffs.

also no less frequently fails hose on the mixer.Today they are available in two types:

  1. Rubber metal braid.Less durable and of good quality due to the use of a thin rubber tube;
  2. Made of thick high-pressure rubber.More high-quality and expensive;

To change the hose on the mixer is necessary to have two open-end wrench, cuffs, if not complete, and the sealant.

How to change the mixer in the kitchen, if the problem is not in the journal box?To solve the problem, we need all the same, and an adjustable spanner, sealant or sealing tape.There will be difficulties that the mixer is attached to the sink itself.Therefore, to unscrew it will have to climb under it.It is mainly secured by means of studs and clamping half rings.Remove the screws and removing the ring mixer can be lifted up.But it still bolted water inlet hoses.In many models of mixers can be unscrewed using a spanner 10-11 mm.

When installing a new faucet should be used, and new underwater hoses, because they are mainly one-off and after prolonged use harden and crack.

To replace the faucet in the kitchen also require sealing tape or sealant, though complete, and provided the cuff.But the main thing here is not to overdo it, because the sealant is more insulated, but not the main one.Read important information about the hoses, which are used to connect the water supply system.

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Video on how to repair grambuksu

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