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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to change the gasket in the valve in Single-lever mixer


  • 1 Diagnosing damage
  • 2 What is useful for replacing
  • 3 process of replacing
  • 4 Recommendations

Seal - is an element of rubber in the mixer, providing reliableclosing of the water.It is a consumable item and will wear under physical influence.Therefore it is necessary to know how to change the gasket at the tap, because sooner or later it will have to do.It can be purchased at the respective store or do it yourself by cutting to size of sheet reziny.Prichina wear of the seal is a strong tightening faucet handles.

Diagnosing damage

Before the change in the lining of the mixer, you need to diagnose what the problem is exactly the culprit is.And also need to know what kind of change gasket.The main feature - a leak.

  • If the water flows directly from the tap, it is necessary to change the valve gasket.The most common is precisely this kind of repair;
  • If water is flowing from the tap valve, it is necessary to change the gasket, which is located between the body and the head
crane device

crane device.

Remember that if you have a single lever faucet flows, then there is no rubber gasket.This problem is solved by replacing the cartridge.Change the gasket can be used only cranes.

What is useful for replacing

Before the change in the lining of the mixer, make sure you have the following items:

  • wrench;
  • Screwdriver;
  • cardboard or other soft material;
  • new gasket for replacement;

wrench If not, you can do the usual flat spanner suitable size.At worst, you can use hand-held vise (hamstring gate head and unscrew / tighten with a jeweler's precision).

process of replacing

  1. replace the gaskets in the mixer should start with the ceiling of water.If you forget to turn off the water, you can pour the floors and neighbors, because after the withdrawal from the mixer tap water goes under the pressure;
  2. cardboard or soft bed sheet on the bottom of the tub (sink).This will help save the plumbing from the blows, when suddenly accidentally drop tools, and keep small parts from falling into the drain;
  3. Remove the faucet handle.The species is a lot of pens, and all are taken in different ways.Most often, you just need a screwdriver to unscrew a bolt that is hidden under a decorative cap.There are also handles that are easy to dress up and are not fixed by bolts;
  4. Remove the faucet head.To do this, use an adjustable wrench or spanner.
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Untwisting key crane

With the key you need to unscrew the valve from the mixer.

When the valve is separated from the mixer, it is better to move the entire studio in a comfortable and well-lighted place.

  1. next step - removing the damaged gasket.To remove it, you can by prying with a screwdriver.In place of the old gasket set new.It must be carefully put on;
Rubber gasket

It looks like gasket, withdrawn from the tap.

  1. If you want to change the gasket in the valve, which is located between the body and the head gate, the analysis should be continued.It is necessary to separate the old upper part of the sleeve and then prostrate gasket is easily accessible and it can be changed;
  2. When the gasket replaced, the tap should be collected back and you can turn on the water again.
Withdrawal from the mixer tap

Withdrawal from the mixer tap

It may be useful to make the switch repair faucets.


  • Sometimes you can not change the gum, and use the old one.For this purpose it is necessary to remove, rinse and set back turning.This is not the best option, but it is suitable as a temporary measure, if minutely no new gaskets on hand;
  • When collecting the crane should not tighten it too much.This can lead to the breakdown of the threads and then proceed it will be as long as the new crane will be installed;
  • coarse filter, installed in the water, will help extend the life of the gasket in the valve;
  • After collecting tap water include the need to gradually and simultaneously observe the behavior of the mixer - whether it takes place;
  • If the internal parts of the crane plaque is present, it must be removed with a warm vinegar.The raid adversely affects the properties of the metal.

When the crane replaced recommend replacing the shut-off valve on the ceramic with a small stroke, they are more durable and more reliable than conventional rubber.

When replacing pay attention to the number of faces , they are different

When replacing pay attention to the number of faces, they are different