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August 12, 2017 18:08

Self Repair switch soul


  • 1 Diagnosing faults in the switch
  • 2 Replacing switch cartridge soul
  • 3 Replacement of sealing rings diverter
  • 4 How to replace the diverter
  • 5 decision otherproblems with diverter
  • 6 recommendations for repair shower mixer

switch functioning in the bathroom, there are cases that require minor repairs switch soul, which is able to handle anyone with a standard set of tools.The most common problem is the leakage.To resolve it you need to know its structure and types.The process of the switch in the mixer is different from the type: they are spool, cork, cartridge and push-button.

device consists of the following elements:

  • housing;
  • Sidewall;
  • Supply pipes;
  • spout;
  • Bolting;
  • sleeve;
  • Cone.
How to disassemble switch soul

device switch soul

Diagnosing faults in the switch

If you want to switch repair the soul, it can be understood easily.In most cases it will be necessary to leak, but that does not mean that the cause is always the same.The reasons may be as follows:

  • Leaking single-lever mixer;
  • sticking buttons;
  • simultaneous supply of water in the shower and the main valve;
  • weak flow of water pressure;
  • flow within water management mechanism.

In the case where the master mixer device is familiar, the true cause of failure there quickly.

It is worth noting that when the soul repair switch is made to work very carefully, only tools used to tighten nuts, the rest is better to do it manually so as not to drag the details and does not spoil everything.

Replacement cartridge switch soul

If there is a standard single-lever mixer, it is likely the cause of the fault is an internal cartridge in the bathroom.It mixes the different water flows during operation.Pochinki he can not be, will be the new needs.When purchasing be sure to know the diameter and length of the stem.

Switch Cartridge soul

So look cartridge switch soul.

Repair step:

  • remove a bezel blank;
  • With hexagon or standard screwdriver, unscrewed the retaining screw;
  • Removed lever;
  • wriggle nut, locking the cartridge into the mixer;
  • Pulled the old and the new set;
  • With attention mechanism going back.

Replacement of sealing rings diverter

Currently, the most popular is the push-button switch.But it does have one slight drawback: periodic leakage of water due to the rapidly coming into disrepair rubber O-rings.There are two options for repair of a touch mixer switch: the installation of a new set or cleaning and softening of old.

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To change the ring should be:

  • Remove button;
  • Use the wrench to unleash the entire device;
  • Remove the stem, remove the old and install new O-rings;
  • carefully assemble the mixer back.

If the rings are not worn much, or a new set of long wait, you can soften them with a standard solvent or gasoline.But, you must know that not all materials can be exposed to them, so 100% of the results can not wait.

Sealing rings diverter

So look seals switch soul

How to replace the diverter

There is another reason why the push button switch may fail during operation: spring failure.Repair it can not be just a replacement.It should be:

  • Remove the spout and shower hose;
  • Remove the adapter itself;
  • Remove the cover and fixing screw;
  • Take the rod with the old spring;
  • Remove the old, to establish a new working spring;
  • Carefully collect back.

Other problems with diverter

Few pleases weak water pressure.The main reason for this - a dirty aerator.This device is installed in place of the spout.Problem is easily removed with a thorough cleaning.

There are cases that the water pressure is bad because of its simultaneous filing and in the shower, and the gander.Most often, this problem occurs in the spool types.The reason - the unsuitability for use of gaskets and O-rings.For troubleshooting action scheme is as follows:

  • Remove the handle.In some types of mixers are simply removed, while others need to unscrew the locking screw;
  • Change the old gasket on the new one.At the same time check the condition of the sealing rings, and change, if necessary;
  • Assemble mixer.

Recommendations for repairs mixer shower switch

Any switch on the shower valve must be of high quality and certified.It is not necessary to save on such things.Then the repair will not have to do often.It is also recommended to carefully handle the plumbing and to make preventive measures.

Upon detection of worn O-ring and spring necessarily run to the store.Rings can be made independently of the rubber tube.

Regardless of what failure occurred, you still have to disassemble.If there is no certainty that it will be able to back the right to gather, look for the instructions, it necessarily applied to the entire plumbing.