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August 12, 2017 18:08

Installing your own hands mixer for kitchen and bathroom


  • 1 Types of mixers for bathroom and kitchen, the device
  • 2 Mounting tap for shower and bath with his hands
  • 3 Instructions mixer
Set the mixer with their hands photo installation and repairmixers and taps his hands.Installation of kitchen faucets and shower on their own.

you have decided to make repairs and change the plumbing and pipes.Without replacing mixers and cranes can not do.It used to be all the easier.A small selection of standard products.Do not be fooling choice.I went and bought.Now everything is much more complicated.On the market there are a myriad of products of various shapes and designs.Select really difficult.After all, in parallel with the beautiful design we want and durability.But the mixer device in principle remains unchanged and has several species, describe so well as installs a mixer with your own hands, but in the end will be given a good brief instruction manual mixer, but let's turn.

Types of mixers for bathroom and kitchen, the device

What to choose: tap or mixer, you decide.

Cranes from the mixer is different by design.According to it, may extend or cold or hot water.More popular and easy taps.They also differ in structure.

Depending on the layout of pipes, you can choose a wall-mounted mixer, mixer on a rack or shelf.The last two options are to design refinements and give a special charm.But for the price they are an order of magnitude superior wall.The simplest mixer - Wall.

Wall mixers are short, medium and long.It is very important that the mixer length to fit your sink or bathtub.It is better to choose the mixers of medium length.Wall-mounted faucets have a slight advantage.It can be fitted with a fixed stop for a shower or hose.Convenient mixer with swivel spout.These mixers can handle and walk-in shower and bathroom.There

mixers with two cranes, which alone serves hot and cold water.The most common currently cranes - one-armed.These valves have a ball mechanism.Thanks to him, the crane can perform multiple functions.Movement faucet handles, you can adjust the water pressure and temperature.Cranes with pressure compensator and temperature control is certainly very convenient.Unfortunately, they are not designed for and the quality of our water pipes.Therefore, in its most expensive, can not cope with their functions and are easily damaged.

important detail one-handed mixer (ball single lever, as in the photo above) - a shut-off valve.It is made from metal and ceramic.These materials are sufficiently resistant to the chemical aggression of water.Valves made in the form of a hollow stainless steel disc is resistant to mechanical damage.Seals are used in them much longer.But they are more susceptible to chemical attack.The cheapest, but not durable - it flaps of rubber or leather.They wear out quickly and require frequent repairs.The only plus - this is an easy repair.It makes sense to put a pipe filters.Then the water is not perfect does not soon bring your mixer down.By the way, see the article with their own hands Repair mixer for bathroom and kitchen may be just to repair the old and enjoy more.

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Mounting tap for shower and bath with his hands

The tool for installation of the mixer with their hands photo for replacement and installation of the mixer you need an adjustable wrench, hoses, sealants, pliers, plumbing tape rack switch, a flashlight, a knife and a basin.Do not forget about the mixer itself.

To start the installation, you should cut off the water.Place a bowl under the mixer tap to drained water remaining in the pipe.Using an adjustable wrench, disconnect the hose from the faucet and the pipeline.

removing the need to take into account the old faucet is how it is attached.If you tap a wide base, begin with the dismantling of the tap handles, then disassemble the gaskets and nuts underneath.If the mixer narrow base, it is secured under the sink.Here you'll need pliers.Sometimes access to the base of the mixer block the pipe.For such cases, use the key rack.When you loosen all nuts, old faucet comes off easily.All the dirt that has accumulated underneath it, you should remove.

then proceed to the installation of a new mixer.Set it to the desired location, add nuts gaskets and profit.The base mixer promazhte or silicone sealant.After the install and handle mixer trim.If the mixer narrow base, apply sealant to the sink before installing.

After mounting, connect the water.Leave it open for a few minutes and see if the faucet leaks.The water will wash the remains of mud that fell during installation.

If the mixer has a copper pipe at the entrance, the installation work to be more.This will require devices for hermetic crimp tubes - collet.They are screwed to the end of the water pipe and insert the tube.The diameters of the push-in connection and thread connections must conform to the mixer and the water pipe.Do not twist the thread.Otherwise, the connection point can leak.

Instructions mixer

Mixer shower photo - Use only those detergents that are specifically designed for the care of faucets, taps and shower.Use tools with acid and chlorine solution categorically unacceptable.You spoil coverage forever.Abrasive powders, pastes can also damage the coating.

- If you are using a special cleaning agent, be careful that they do not remain on the surface longer than designated time.

- After using the shower or bath, rinse with clean water faucet.The remains of soap and shampoo can damage the surface.

- cleaner is applied first to the surface of the sponge, and then wash the product.

- If the mixer surface is already damaged, the effect of detergent will only increase the damage.

- Be careful not to twist the tap mixer.Doing so may damage the valve and damage it.

In conclusion, it is important to note.If you want to taps and mixers served you for a long time, it is better to buy them in specialty stores.Ask for a warranty card sellers.So you will provide free repair of the mixer when it is damaged.And the advice of experienced professionals you can not hurt, if the installation of the mixer with their own hands will be carried out.See below for related articles and share your impressions in the comments.

Caters to repair one-bedroom apartment with his hands.