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August 12, 2017 18:08

Repair mixer for bathroom and kitchen with their own hands ( spherical , single lever and with two taps )


  • 1 repair single lever ball faucet for kitchen, bath
  • 2 Repair mixer cartridge with your hands
Repair faucet for kitchen, bath with his hands photo

Plumbing repair their own hands.We repair faucets for kitchen and bathroom independently.

You have broken faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen, what to do?Where to go?You can resort to the help of professionals, has applied to the appropriate institution.You can get help in a private organization, provides a full range of repair work.Or you can make your own efforts, showing a bit of curiosity and ingenuity.Consider the example of the mixer for the kitchen renovation (single-lever kitchen) and bathroom (with two taps and shower) with his own hands.

So, before you start to work sure to turn off the water supply.Prepare any capacity, in case the rest of the tap water will drain away.Capacity may not be deep, or preferably with no high edges for ease of substitution.If you bought a mixer in the store, according to the rules of trade, you must have the documents specifying the techni

cal characteristics of the crane may guide or picture-circuit mixer.This may be necessary.If you do not, do not worry, it is not critical.

repair single lever ball faucet for kitchen, bath

Prior to repair single-lever mixer, try to determine the possible cause of leakage visually.It is enough to check the valve carefully.Leakage can be caused by several reasons: the first is a possible mechanical failure of the mixer body, which could result in cracks or peeling.The second most common cause of leakage is the wear of the inner lining.In the case of Perov, you can try to eliminate leakage through cracks putty sealant, but it is provided that the crack is not large in size.If mechanical damage is significant cleavage, you have to make a complete replacement of the mixer.If no damage and you can not find all the same valve is leaking, it is likely that the reason served as the wear pads.

For replacement of worn parts need to dismantle the crane.Gently loosen the nuts on the main body of the mixer, you can easily do yourself.Some current models are protected by an additional nut body, to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the mixer.The housing typically shifted with little effort, and enables access to the main bolt nuts.This applies to the mixer over the bath or kitchen.

gasket is the rubber ring, the direct purpose of which is caulking.Buy gasket available in any hardware store.O-rings are made of different diameters and are sold individually and in sets.The diameter of the gasket must be slightly larger than the diameter of the nest in the place of the leak.Be careful when tightening the nut after replacing the seals, wear occurs not only on the long operation, but also for the waist joint.

If we are talking about a mixer that is built into the shell, it is not difficult.The reason may be a leaking faucet wear ceramic kartridzhda built inside the tap.

Repair mixer cartridge with your hands

Repair of single-lever mixer with his hands photo Pick up a sharp object, such as a screwdriver and pry the top cover - linkage of the crane.Cover with a little effort comes off, revealing you the locking screw.The locking screw is part hexagon slot-hole.Dismantle the main lever knob have to unscrew the decorative nut, followed by the union nut.

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repair of single-lever mixer with his hands photo removing the cap nut, inside we will see the same ceramic cartridge, which has served the cause of water leakage.The cartridge is easily changed by substituting a new one acquired in the store.Just keep in mind that when buying a new cartridge requires the participation of the seller-consultant, it is important to specify the model and brand of your mixer.

repair of single-lever mixer with his hands photo

Tightly install the cartridge will only be the case if the holes in this part coincide with the grooves in the mixer.Then repeat all the actions produced in the reverse order - twirl union nut.Lever handle back into place.

If you notice that your bathroom while water flows out of the shower and tap, then the reason may also be the wear of the seals.

If the cause of leaks is damage to the hose is recommended to replace it if this is not possible, we recommend to proceed as follows:

To start pay attention to the two ends of the hose, they both must have gaskets made of rubber.Difficulty in disconnecting the hose from the faucet body should not be, if they occur, the necessary special tool "Cobra" on wrench type.Remove the showerhead from the hose and check that the rubber gasket.

mixer circuit is not spherical photo Self Repair cranes are not the type of ball, and having two valves (kitchen and shower) also does not require professional skills, if a defect is not of major proportions.The most common cause of leaks in valves of this type - wear of the seal in the valve.To eliminate the cause must be sealed oil seal or replace it with a new one.Tighten the screws all the way is not always possible to avoid water leakage.Then the problem can be solved by adding a pad in the gland.First you need to get rid of the union nut by her is not complicated dismantling, must be followed to get the hub gland.The resulting gap is necessary to lay the seal neatly and tightly winding their stock.Keep in mind that after each round must be pressed as tightly as possible seal.Be sure to leave a space in the gap for the sleeve.Then put the plug in place prepared for her, so that you without any problems could tighten the union nut.

reason for failure of your mixer shower or shower (this where two cranes), can cause failure of the flywheel.Flywheel, just like any other item may be damaged due to prolonged wear, or just poor execution quality.Replacing the flywheel can only be made for the same.Removing the produce is not difficult to follow the instructions, but the situation may arise when the screw that secures the flywheel does not want to rotate.Then perhaps a mechanical effect on the screw with a screwdriver.But if it does not cause the screw budge - break the flywheel.Flywheel faience quickly break up, if plastic casing, use a hacksaw, knife.When the flywheel is eliminated, try a pair of pliers to twist the screw.If that does not work - you can use a file.Now repair kitchen faucet or shower, whether single-lever or ball consisting of two cranes will not be a daunting task, because now you can own hands to repair and replacement without the need for costly care plumbers.If you tap a different type of article then you will repair or replace the tap.