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August 12, 2017 18:08

Semi-dry screed , benefits and technology


  • 1 Features a semi-dry screeds
  • 2 types of semi-dry screed, depending on the destination premises
    • 2.1 floor types, depending on the required functions
  • 3 Technology for creating semi-tieswithout the use of beacons and unheated
    • 3.1 Substrate Preparation
    • 3.2 Preparation for semi screed mixture
    • 3.3 Advantages and disadvantages of semi-dry screeds
    • 3.4 ratio of water in the solution
    • 3.5 Create ostrovkov-beacons
    • 3.6 Videos for the creation of a semi-dry screeds
  • 4 Paul electrically heated
    • 4.1 opinion about the quality of semi-dry floor screed

Man every year comes up with something new, trying tocreate a universal ways of building more robust and durable construction.At the same time one of the important conditions are high quality and efficiency of work.All this provides a semi-dry screed with his hands.The resulting finish is durable, resistant to all kinds of stress and perfectly flat.
Today, there are several ways to create a perfectly even an

d smooth floor:

  • wet screed;
  • dry;
  • tanker;
  • semi-dry.

increasingly popular is semi-dry screed.What are its advantages over conventional concrete pouring?And how to make a semi-dry screed floor with their hands?There are different ways to level the floor by a beacon.

Firstly, the thickness of the semi-dry screed may be up to 5 cm, while it is strong and durable.

If screed is considerably thicker, it is recommended to fill large cavities leveling solution.Or pour conventional concrete with gravel.

Secondly, semi-dry screed is easy to adjust to the full curing period.In the preparation of a mixture of well sifted sand and cement, ordinary high marks.

Semi-dry screed floor with their hands

Semi-dry screed floor with their hands

The third floor, made using a semi-dry screed, has the best performance heat and sound insulation.This is achieved by adding fibers.

Fourth, in semi-dry screed flooding due to the presence therein of small amounts of water, it does not flow beyond the boundaries of waterproofing and misses the slab.Thus does not give trouble to neighbors below floor.

Fifth, semi-dry screed therein due to the presence of polymer fibers is more resistant to cracking and shrinkage.

Features a semi-dry screeds

With the advent of new building materials, new technologies are born, allowing to obtain the same product, but with better performance.Liquid cement-sand screeds and it is still the most common, it is explained, most likely originated habit.

Semi-dry screed made with his own hands from a solution consisting of the same components, but only the ratio of sand to cement is selected 1: 2.As mentioned earlier, to increase strength, shrinkage and cracking exception that usually characteristic for cement mortar applied fibrovolokno.Fiber

polymeric fiber represents between 6 to 18 mm and a thickness of 30-35 microns.The novelty allows to make concrete and gypsum products more durable, due to the uniform distribution throughout the volume of the mixture.This arrangement of particles confined between them, creating a huge resistance of the concrete layers, firmly fastened together and creating a monolith.

types of semi-dry screed, depending on the destination premises

Semi-dry screed made ​​using beacons

Semi-dry screed made using beacons

By way of implementation of semi-dry screed can be machine type and manual.The first type involves the use of special equipment for kneading the mixture, feeding it to the place of ties and mashing.Through the use of technology the process is greatly accelerated and the resultant finish is better in all respects.By machine can cover a much greater area of ​​the premises in the same time.

Also depending on the purpose, any space coupler, including semi-dry, can have a different mounting technique.Doing their own hands semi-dry screed video attached to the article, will be an excellent tool.Consider some of the most common techniques create a tie in the kitchen, which are described in the attached video to the article.

The first method is to equalize the floor without the need for additional insulation.It can be applied not only in private houses but also in apartments on all floors, there is no need to worry about the repair of neighbors on the floor below.

to create a semi-dry screeds with their hands the technology may be different depending on the destination premises.But it can also be done in different ways:

  • by guides lighthouses;
  • using islets or small sites.

first method can be carried out without the use of a laser level.On the prepared surface installed beacons.These may be T-shaped perforated lath or square profiled tube.The main idea of ​​this technology is to fill the solution or mixture to tie the space between the lighthouses, and the next day or after a minimum of 12 hours of their extraction from the floor, and putty joints with the same solution with the subsequent grouting.

We're closer look at how to create ties with a laser level.

Semi-dry screed without beacons

Semi-dry screed without beacons

floor types, depending on the required functions

Depending on the desired function from the premises, for example, require heating installation or not, can be divided into floors made using semi-dry screeds twotype:

  • without heating;
  • heated.

Technology for creating semi screed without using beacons and unheated

If you do not need to mount the heating system in the floor, the semi-dry floor screed in the apartment with his hands is performed solely for finish leveling the surface.

Semi-dry screed requires no further alignment.Through careful grouting in the mounting surface of the process produces a perfectly flat and smooth.

Substrate Preparation

To get a durable and smooth concrete floor, you need to prepare as much as possible qualitative basis.To do this, use a vacuum cleaner or a broom with soft bristles thoroughly swept subfloor.Large cracks, potholes and pits, you must first cover up the usual solution.Thus aligning it with more.Old solution, not part of the reinforced concrete slab or monolith must be removed with a hammer and chisel.

free of dust and debris cover the bonding surface must be ground or other similar material to him.Modern acrylic fillers in addition to gluing have excellent antiseptic properties, so good impregnation ensures always dry the floor.

If the ground is loose enough, the multiple layers can be applied to the soil.It is important to remember that the strength of the subfloor vary the properties of the screed.

A prerequisite is the creation of high-quality tie damper mounting tape on the perimeter of the room.It is required to compensate for the expansion of the floor as a result of temperature changes.As it can be used pieces of UF foam (polyethylene foam thickness of 4 mm), a width of 15 cm. For convenience, it is better to stick to any glue.

After processing and drying the floor, you can create semi-ties their hands, there is a video where the process in this article.Just a lot of it is not necessary to cook the mixture, because the technology in question involves the creation of indicative areas, islands, which will further align the floor.

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Preparation for semi screed mixture

A mixture of semi-dry floor screed

mixture to a semi-dry floor screed

To prepare the solution, you can use ready-mix, which is implemented in bags at any hardware store.Or you can cook yourself a sand and cement.The sand must be carefully sifted through a fine sieve.It is essential that in the process (equalizing and mashing) do not have problems with small stones and debris, which abound in the river sand.

Cement is better to use the brand 500 and 1 category.To prepare the solution in a ratio of 1: 3 cement and sand is mixed and thoroughly mixed.

unevenly or not fully blended mixture can not be sufficiently plastic that considerably worsen the parameters of the screed.

To improve the thermal insulation properties, exceptions, cracking and shrinkage is recommended to add a little fiber.There are several dosages to achieve certain properties.On average, 1 m3 of screed is required from 0.6 to 0.9 kg fibers.It is added directly into the mixture or into the water.It is important to mix thoroughly.



If a concrete mixer, the mixing duration is 15-20% more than normal when mixing the solution.It is important to achieve uniform fiber distribution across the particle volume capacity.

Advantages and disadvantages of semi-dry screeds

Semi-dry floor screed pros and cons also.Positive aspects previously described in the article.On the downside can be attributed only to a rather long process of alignment and rubbing semi-dry screeds.

ratio of water in the solution

The water content in the solution

water content in

solution should be very careful when adding water.It is important not to overdo it, because due to the excessive flow significantly degrade the performance of the process that will lead to a decrease in quality.

To check the amount of liquid in the solution, is strong enough to crush some of it in his fist.At the same time between the fingers should not appear wet, and he clenched his hands at a lump remains unchanged.

Seven is brought to a state of uniform consistency, and start to work.

Creating islands Beacons

technology should be used when creating the indicative areas "wet on wet".That is, the surface before applying the solution to moisten the subfloor is necessary, moreover, to do it better the glue mixture.As an option can be applied tile adhesive diluted to a state of consistency of yogurt or sour liquid.Immediately proceed to the creation of an estimated area.To do this just prepared mixture is spread on the approximate number of wetted spot.And level with the help of flexible plastic rake or similar tool.

Creating islands as landmarks

Creating islands as landmarks

Optional buy at the store household goods rakes, the process can be performed in the usual trowel, evenly leveling pile and loosening large gluing.

After loosening and uniform distribution of the solution on a rough site (beacon), it must be well potrombovat.This can be done simply through it like a shoe with a flat tread, or to use any hand tool.Well pressed down by a surface float overwritten.It is better to use polyurethane as semi-dry cement creates considerable opposition.

nipped surface periodically monitored by means of a ruler and a previously installed in the center of the room to the laser level.Doing this it is recommended in several places site.Small dimples again filled with the mixture and again overwritten for a perfect smooth surface.All first lighthouse was ready.You can start making the next.It must be done at a distance of 15-20 cm closer than the length of the rule.

Rule is recommended to use a rectangular cross section, and they should work strictly in a perpendicular position.

little bedding and hardened beacons must be placed at the corners or edges of the room at a specified distance before.This will in future work to reach a larger perimeter of the space.While frozen islets can be prepared by the remainder of the solution.Its volume is easy enough to calculate, online calculator.

Indicative sites are located on the sides of the room

Indicative sites are on the sides of the room

Further, the process is as follows:

  • mixture is evenly distributed across the remaining space, or small areas.Compacted, leveled and overwritten several passes rule to the ideal plane of comparison between the beacons.
  • Lighthouses better connect the guide strips in parallel to get the kind of runners to work with a coupler in the middle of the room.

The whole process of working with semi-dry screed sufficiently long and requires some diligence, therefore, should be treated with the utmost responsibility.

device is a semi-dry screeds require a moist environment for high-quality cement solidification.Therefore, use plastic wrap, it covered areas screed ready for a few days.If you do not use it, then the next day and not earlier than 12 hours and gently moving on the screed, it is necessary to thoroughly wet water for the same reasons.

Videos for the creation of a semi-dry screeds

https: //

To navigate through the screed is recommended to use special walkers like snowmobiles, but only with a solid flat surface.This eliminates the likelihood of defects and failures as you move through it.Full hardening cycle at least 1 week at a temperature above 150C.

Paul electrically heated

floor creating technology with electric heating is the use of heat-insulating materials such as polystyrene and penoplex.Above them is mandatory to be installed in steel mesh for reinforcement of ties, though it should be in the middle of it.Detailed technology and work process can be viewed in the attached video.

opinion about the quality of semi-dry floor screed

Vaughn illustrative example when manufacturing a dry floor screed technology is broken.