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August 12, 2017 18:08

Volume plaster on the wall - modern past.


  • 1 What is the volumetric plaster?
  • 2 How to make a bulk plaster?
  • 3 What materials are used?

What a classic every year becomes more and more popular, not surprising.One has only to look at this segment as the repair of apartments.One of the clearest evidence so far is the volume plaster.But today, it is substantially different from the one that was in the past.

known that the walls have a tremendous impact on the spatial component of the premises.With the right approach for their design and decoration, you can increase space on the visual level, about three or four times.Not least important in this regard is the volume and plaster.

What is the volumetric plaster?

Volume plaster molding patterns is based on the material of the wall surface finishes.Thanks to her, you can perform almost any design ideas: the depiction of landscapes, sculpture of classical patterns, etc.But very often, the decision becomes a real salvation.For example, from the awkward, protruding beams or colum

ns standing in the middle of the room, which can not be removed, it can be a real masterpiece that will become an integral part of the decor.

Wall Decor stucco

Wall Decor stucco

Modern designers based on innovative technologies, able to perform a work of art by volume plaster.Just imagine in my room the tree that stands out from the wall at sunset with fluttering butterflies and blooming flowers.This is just one example.The most widespread way to finish this wall surfaces in trade halls or restaurants.

Design wall decorative plaster and painting

decoration wall decorative plaster and painted

How to make a bulk plaster?

To bulk plaster on the wall became a real gem of the room, using special tools.And for those who have no experience of how to work with these materials are commercially available ready-made stencils.Before starting work, determined by the place.If you plan to create a full-scale panels with numerous patterns on their own will not be able to do.But, even without experience, any irregularity and convexity, with the right approach, will create a beautiful effect.

To enhance the bulkiness used all sorts of effects.For example, the light and shade.If done correctly, under various lighting will create a unique pattern due to shadows.With paint you need to be very careful.When using coloring materials should also pay attention to the lighting.When daylight and artificial light, the displayed picture may look porazomnu and not always it will be beautiful.

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Preparation and priming the walls grounds.

• stencil is secured before starting work on the surface;
• stencil on top of a layer of plaster is applied, using the appropriate tools;
• Apply a pattern;
• After applying the pattern, the stencil is removed before until the mixture has had time to grab;
• The final touch - painting image.

This method is most simple and accessible, in terms of cost.A more exclusive work performed by experienced craftsmen hand-made.In this case, the volume plaster on the wall is done using a set of special spatulas and trowels.This work is very laborious and, depending on the scale can take from several hours to several days.

What materials are used?

to create surround the pattern on the wall, use:
• Structural paste - the structure and the work itself, they are very similar to painting putty.They have a high elasticity and very durable when drying.The composition includes an aqueous dispersion, fine fillers and acrylic resins;
• Material Synthetic resin - a modern solution.The material is manufactured by using mineral fillers.It has special properties that are significantly higher than on the characteristics of gypsum counterparts.Such components are used for large-scale projects;
• Gypsum - the simplest and most affordable method of applying a volume of drawings.It can be used as a "raw" form, and various additives.The disadvantages include poor adhesion and soft structure, which by mechanical action may be destroyed.Therefore, a mixture of gypsum used in the home, where the degree of cross-country and the risk of mechanical damage is minimal.On the other hand, working with a mixture of plaster much easier.Options how to decorate and save using the materials at hand.

simple way to decorate the walls in the apartment, with the possibility to use ordinary putty and plaster.